Have you thought about why Cloud PBX could be the ultimate solution for your contact center or business than a traditional phone system? Well, sometimes it’s a yes and sometimes no! To get a clarified vision, just recall the days you have passed facing the interrupted connectivity at the much-needed time. Because switching to Cloud PBX is a wise decision to makeover a traditional phone system. Isn’t it? So when you are choosing Cloud PBX at this point in time, different questions just hang up in your mind. 

Always prefer Cloud PBX for your call center solution or business because of its various features like cost-effectiveness, easy-to-use, flexibility, and many more. A Cloud PBX will definitely help in boosting up your businesses’ internal as well as external communication in a most flexible and effective way.  

Below are the 7 Reasons to consider a Cloud PBX for your business:

  • Quick Set-Up Of A PBX: Most of the businesses required by an onsite PBX phone system to invest in software, hardware, systems, and servers. And according to their corporate communication needs, the businesses need to locate the IT professionals for easy setup and customization of PBX. And the amazing part is? They can start using a hosted PBX phone system, without investing any extra time or resources into it. Without building a customized IT infrastructure, your business can easily start using the hosted PBX solution. While the provider makes it easier for you to customize, configure and extend the cloud PBX system by providing a user-friendly dashboard. And for monitoring both incoming and outgoing calls, the dashboard helps you a lot. 
  • Scale The PBX System On-Demand:  Always remember that without investing additional time and resources, you cannot scale up or scale down an on-premise PBX phone system. And there are a number of ways for scaling up and down the cloud-hosted solutions like adding new extensions and creating additional user accounts. Without any restrictions, the cloud communication service provider gives permission for adding new users and extensions. Based on a pay-as-you-use model, you can further avail additional computing resources for handling more calls. Based on the statistical reports provided by the portal, you have an easy option for streaming the corporate communication by monitoring and improving the call center service to a great extent. 
  • Facilitate Omni Channel Communication:  Nowadays every organization prefers multiple platforms for business communication. Just like that, the employees also communicate and collaborate in a distributed environment through different types of communication tools. However, to improve your customer’s experience and employee efficiency, your business must adapt an omnichannel platform of communication. With built-in features, the on-premise PBX phone system facilitates omnichannel corporate communication. However, the cloud-hosted PBX systems support multiple communication channels just like text, audio, and video. Apart from that, they execute outbound and inbound calls with widely used communication protocols like VoIP, RTP, TCP/IP, and RTSP.  
  • Maintain Phone System Reliability & Security: The cloud communication service provider manages the hosted PBX phone systems which are run on offsite data centers. To reduce the downtime, the data centers are regularly maintained and upgraded by the providers. By hosting the PBX phone system on private cloud servers, many providers secure their corporate communication. Apart from that they also focus on taking the preventive measures required for security breaches and targeted security attacks. And to avail a higher value of reliability and redundancy without investing any additional resources, many businesses are switching from on-premise PBX phone systems to hosted PBX solutions
  • Accelerate Recovery: To facilitate and accelerate disaster recovery, most organizations nowadays are switching from on-premise environments to cloud-based environments. However, the cloud-hosted PBX solution helps in the continuity of corporate communications in both the platforms of natural as well as man-made disasters. As your employees can easily access the hosted PBX service over the internet connectivity, they can communicate with their customers from offsite or remote locations as well. And the easiest part is? The hosted PBX phone system makes it very simple for you to relocate your business without any interruptions in corporate communications. And without any incurring additional expenses, it helps a lot in preventing the revenue loss and also helps in normalizing the business operations. 
  • Operated In Distributed Environments:  Always keep in mind that without creating a distributed work environment, you cannot facilitate uninterrupted communication between employees and the customers. In that case, the on-premise PBX phone systems help your business a lot to operate in distributed environments and co-operate with off-site employees. But being anywhere, your employees can easily access the cloud-hosted PBX solution over the internet. And nowadays, most companies have implemented a new policy named Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) to boost up corporate communication. 
  • Lower The Budget:  The onsite PBX phone systems always prefer you to invest in expensive hardware and compatible software. To maintain, scale, and upgrade the PBX phone system, you really need some additional resources along with dedicated IT professionals. And businesses can access the hosted PBX phone system without managing on-premise IT infrastructure. As per the pay-as-you-use pricing model, the cloud communication service provider allows you to avail yourself the virtual PBX solutions. Furthermore, you can also save resources as well by scaling the hosted PBX according to your precise corporate communication requirements. 

However, the hosted PBX solutions are more scalable, flexible, cost-efficient, and extensible as compared to on-premise PBX phone systems. And at the same time, choosing the right hosted PBX service is also quite important. So you really need the quality of both the solutions that are hosted PBX solutions and cloud PBX solutions. 

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