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The second wave of Novel Coronavirus in April 2021 has resulted in a nationwide lockdown, forcing the on-premise office culture to adopt remote work again. This sudden transition created a lot of turmoil and left most organizations, especially the small & mid-sized ones, without an option for operating to their full potential. Starting from Jan 2020 to as of now, companies have understood that working from home is here to stay and it is really beneficial for both company and its employees. According to recent studies, 80% of the companies believe or have already adopted remote functioning as the new way to progress. So, having a temporary solution in place to accommodate remote communication won’t be an ideal way to go. What you need to do then? Asterisk Development is the best way to go. Why Asterisk Development?

The current estimation says this percentage goes higher up the order, and companies give nodes to almost 90% of their remote workforce to continue their work when we reach 2025.

What does that mean to you? Finding a long-term solution for making business communications and collaboration easy & effortless. Here in this case a call center software would be a great help for businesses of all sizes. Whether your plan is to go with a 24/7 remote mode or a mix of both on-premise & partially remote, the software helps geographically distributed workforce to come up as a whole to maintain that team working environment.

Conference Solutions:

According to recent studies conducted on the IT sector, 20% of the entire working hours in a week is spent on attending various meetings and on some days it is pushed even further. Most of the employees say that they are finding it difficult to finish the task on time as a result of several unwanted meetings that are killing their efficiency & productive hours. The solution?

You will come across a variety of software solutions for conference calls, with a set of advanced features that may be the right fit for your team. Before you opt for a specific one, you must know what would benefit you the most.

Here are the benefits of Conference Services for small scale industries, let’s take a look:

Better you consider having advanced tools that shorten those business communication durations while making the best out of the conversations. Less talk, more work that should be your ultimate goal. It benefits both parties as employees working hours do not get wasted and they won’t feel exhausted as well. After all, why should one listen to those things that don’t make sense to the project him/her working on?

According to a marketing financial study, the virtual meet saves companies thousands of dollars annually from getting wasted unnecessarily as compared to one-to-one meetings. No travel expense, no accommodation charges, & everything that is applicable for the same.

The money you save by going the virtual way can be spent on providing better infrastructure, training, advanced call center software installation, and more. Above all, you are freeing up some extra hours that employees won’t hesitate to work. The result? Better productivity and efficient working.

Employees can join the meeting from any part of this world on devices of their choice. This is also a great way to add more value to your business communications and find more innovative ways to take it to the next level without the barrier of geographical timezone.

By doing so, you are providing a transparent business module to all three important entities of your business that is the stakeholders, customers, and employees
You schedule a conference and fix a time for all to join the meeting on short notice.
Putting an end to those time-taking emailing or chatting, where there is a great chance of miscommunication
With VoIP conferencing solutions, you make team meets a hassle-free experience thanks to its advanced features

Which is the Best Conference Solutions For Small Businesses?

Both audio and video conference calling solutions are a must for any organization these days, especially in this pandemic-driven marketing landscape. Multi-tenant conferencing solutions with features like screen-sharing, in-meeting chat messaging, and others can make things easier than ever. Though most VoIP service providers offering conference call services with a pool of features are considered to be the best, that may not pay in the best interest of small-scale businesses. With companies like VoIPTech Solutions, you avail multiple solutions that can be customized according to the size and need of organizations, which is definitely the ideal way to go.

We offer you robust and fully functional video conferencing solutions that not only improve your business conferencing but also bring a whole new dimension to your business communication. With us, you get international phone numbers from over 165 countries.

You can instantly connect to the PSTN and VoIP solutions, by using its multi-protocol access feature. With Asterisk Development now multi-party full-duplex conferencing is possible and that too even with a better experience, thanks to its advanced integrated conferencing features. You can record voice during an ongoing live conference as well. If you have the administrator login, you can easily set PINs in order to protect certain files or databases and can add people that you would like to take part in the meeting. There is no concept restricting users/seat-based license holders. The person with the admin login can set the program to exclusively connect directly with the existing PSTN system, bypassing the PBX.

We also offer a number of important additional features that other service providers do not. They include:

ID & Passwords for Multi-tenant Web Conference
The participant that you want to listen-only
Better voice quality with noise cancellation functionality
Work on low latency
Calling the concerned people before the start of the meeting with the help of the “Call Me” feature
Sending an invitation to join the conference via various platforms that include; email, chat, & more
Welcoming callers with a pre-recorded message
Playing music while on hold
Record the entire conversation during the meet
SIP connected audio

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