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Keeping 2021 customers’ in mind, VoIPTech Solutions has added more user-friendly features to its VTS Dialer with customization options. The result is? Well, the Dialer has become easier to use and its advanced functionalities making communication more effective than ever. Modern-day businesses have multiple priorities for their communications and when it comes to the Phone System they are more specific to the set of features it is offering. With the importance of customer service through calls soaring sky-high, it has become very important to maintain the call flow, especially in this pandemic laid unstable market. How managing Call Flow benefits a business: It allows you to design your own way to answer the inbound calls or any specific module you would like to apply.

What do you mean by the Call Flow?

The first impression lasts long. Well, it is true in every sense, especially when answering a first-time caller. As a business, you have to take care of this aspect and call flow is a great help in this regard. You must have heard or come across the IVR Menu that guides you to “press 8 to speak with the customer support executive, press 9 to go to the main menu,” – this is what is called the “Call Flow”.

Designing Call flow is the best way to give auto attendants a good experience. The best thing about the call flows is they are easy to structure and help you maintain order. It gives a unified platform to make the best out of your business hours, faster call routing, and you can do much more. Take the name of any successful enterprise these days, they are now completely relying on call flows so that their customers do not face any kind of problem while connecting to the right person or concerned department for help or solutions. This also sets a benchmark for good business and their approach to provide customer support.

How VoIPTech Solutions can get started?


  • Editing the active call flows: You need to keep updating your call flows, according to your business needs and other stuff. For example, you are launching a new event and you need to make changes to the current flows or would like to change your customer approach with a new tone – the reasons are many for the solution is one.

The good thing is, now you can easily edit the call flow for business-specific hours and adjust the phone menu to greet customers in a new way too without requiring to deactivate the call flow. Well, the edit can be done with a few clicks, the system will process the new changes within a few seconds and you are right on your target. 

  • Adding new phone numbers to your existing call flow: In general, organizations possess more than one contact number on theis to contact us page for various reasons and sales requirements as well. The numbers include your sales, customer support, toll-free number – you can manage them all with a single go. You can design your own call flow and make it applicable to all the contact numbers you have right now. This way you save a lot of time from getting wasted unnecessarily while offering a better customer experience to the end audience.
  • You can also start the call flow using the extension: Internal call routing is also a crucial part of organizational support! Intra-department call transfer using the extension empowers businesses to handle customer queries with a better satisfaction rate. for that, you won’t have to show or publish your entire call culture. The result? Cost-cutting to a great extent and efficient call routing which was not the case earlier.
  • You can check the order of call flow in detail: Every business would like to get the info about each functionality in detail, and you may not be an exception. And, going through the details is always a wise idea. When it comes to the business phone system, you should be a bit extra careful as well. By checking your call flow on a regular basis, you can optimize the call routing and enhance your customer experience.

With just a single click, you get all the info on your fingertip, isn’t it great? Technically this is very crucial from the business point of view as you can know how your VoIP Phone system is performing and what you need to add to make it better.

  • Error finding and making further improvements in the call flow: Companies often face situations while dealing with the inbound calls. You go life and suddenly start realizing that you have missed some key features. What would you do in that situation? You won’t have to be worried at all about this as you have the feature that will take care of. 

With VoIPTech Solutions advanced phone systems, any enterprise be it small or big can manage its business communications like a pro. Your business communication is endless with VoIP Technology. And, all these can be possible in budget with our state-of-the-art VoIP services. The best part of having our cloud-based VoIP phone systems is, you are equipped with the right set of features and it’s quick to set up saves your valuable time, which was not the case with others. You can transform your current call flow, by managing your inbound calls with enhanced efficiency and ensure a great customer experience 24/7. 

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