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Reaching out to a larger audience base always pays the dividend. According to you, what is the most convenient yet economical way to connect with your customers? Well, have you heard of messaging? Bulk SMS Software is the old wine in a new bottle, effective. You couldn’t have found a quicker and convenient way, reaching your target audience without putting in that much effort. Be it the announcement of a special offer or discount bonanza, you can send automated reminder notifications in bulk, or collect their feedback. You can send SMS in Bulk, using Bulk SMS Software and get a satisfactory result.

According to the recent data obtained, it is found that over 80% of people are currently receiving SMS from different organizations, regarding offers on a particular product or service discounts. The chances of getting your offers to reach its target audience are high.

How do you rate your current texting platform? Is it effective or needs improvement?

These days, you get advanced features at a competitive price, and the texting solutions are not just limited to this, as you can upgrade them in the future to stay connected with your target customers. But, how do you decide which platform is the best fit for your current organizational structure and accommodate the market changes as well? Well, this blog can help you get a better understanding of Bulk SMS Software and its relevance.

Table of Contents (ToC):

  1. What are the benefits of Text Messaging Software
  2. Key Features To Consider
  3. How to choose the right Text Messaging Software provider

What are the benefits of Bulk SMS Software?

The high open rate has been one of the most prolific benefits of sending Bulk SMS, which was not the case with other communication channels. According to the recent studies:

  • SMSs said to be maintaining a 100% open rate
  • Whereas 95% of them get a view or read within a minute or two
  • And, 45% out of them get a response or a say from the recipients within 120 seconds on average. 

Isn’t that great? If you compare emails with SMSs, then you might be surprised to know that they have only a 6% open rate. Isn’t that shocking? Well, it’s true that emails are often overlooked and the average response time is approx. 90 minutes.

When it comes to convenience, business texting is beneficial for both business and its employees, you can use your mobile devices and desktop computers to send SMS in bulk.

Everybody likes to text, no matter how much free time they do have or the data plan you have purchased, texting remains one of the most popular mediums of communication among people of different age groups. Over 90% of people prefer to get reminders via SMS, be it for a business deal on an appointment, and 60% of them like to get informed regarding the latest offers through the same medium.

Apart from being a great marketing tool and timely reminder, SMSs proved to be an excellent way to serve your customers as well. On average, 60% of popular support platforms are text-based. Bulk SMS also guarantees a high Return on Investment (ROI) to businesses of all sizes. The conversion is simply high as compared to other social networking or ads, as the text has been the traditional way to get that connection with the end audience. It’s fast & convenient, so one can expect an immediate response from the business — or else their hope remains alive to hear back from the texters. Top benefits include:

  • It allows a person to reply immediately and that person can personalize the response as well
  • The rate of SMSs being opened and responded is very high
  • Live agents can revert back to the texts received from the customers, no matter where they are – be it a meeting or on a call. 
  • Automated SMS reminders are the ideal way to remind people of their appointments and other important tasks
  • Bulk SMS is purely for the masses, especially when it comes to sending limited-period offers, use coupon codes, and sales 
  • Offers analytics about the purchasing behavior of certain customers

Key Business Bulk SMS Software Features:

Features are a big plus to any organization, be it small, mid-sized, or big enterprises.

Here is a list of key features to look for. They are as follow:

  • Sending Shortcodes: They are usually 5 to 6 digit numerical codes for marketing purpose
  • Focussing on Keywords: Sending keyword-based words and phrases that customers might be looking for
  • Managing Drip Campaigns: Guiding your potential customers through text messaging so that they can join your marketing funnel. This is the most effective way of lead generation without spending a ton
  • Texting Through The Business Landline Numbers: Communicating with the customers, using your business landline numbers
  • Timely Scheduling: Individuals can be sent reminders via text messages as per the schedule.
  • Taking Valuable Feedbacks from the Customers’ via Voting and Polling: You can conduct voting and roll out polling, collecting customers’ feedback regarding a certain product or service 
  • Sending Bulk SMS: Reaching thousands at a time. You save time and get the expected result
  • Customer Purchasing Analytics: You can keep track of a customer’s purchasing behavior and analyze it later
  • Real-time Reporting: With call center metrics you can get real-time data of an ongoing marketing campaign and prepare a roadmap to make it even better
  • Automated Text Responses: With the IVR system in place, you can automate the response process with pre-written text messages. This way you can be available 24/7 for your customers.

The information you get about Text Messaging Software is enough to convince you to go for it. If you talk about the current scenarios, business owners are really concerned about providing both quality responses to the clients along with a work-life balance to their employees. So to make both things balanced, Bulk SMS Software can be a great real help. The solution not only lets you serve the customers in a better way but also provides more flexibility to the employees, also makes them comfortable being outside for meetings or personal time without any stress regarding the missed out messages. And, the best part of having Bulk texting software, you are equipped with the right set of features and its quick setup saves your valuable time, which was not the case with others. You can transform your current workplace, by moving with enhanced efficiency and ensure better productivity in a time that requires more from a distributed business establishment.

Every business can leverage the advantage of this software, no matter what they are into. And, to make sure you have the best in place, you need to opt for Indian VoIP providers to install an advanced text messaging software that too for an affordable price. You can integrate your existing phone system with the latest texting software according to your business needs. The entire configuration and customization would be taken care of by the service providers themselves.

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