Do you like to wait, guess nobody likes to? Why would you? Just imagine, you are in a situation and need immediate technical assistance, and you’re not able to speak to the right person – a number of automated phone menus that come in between. Sometimes it can be really annoying, you are left with no option but to listen to them time and time again and keep scratching your head asking yourself “why can’t I get to speak to that person directly?”. Why is that happening behind the scenes, what is the reason behind this? It might be due to no configuration of DID numbers. So, What Do You Mean By Direct Inward Dialing (DID Numbers)?

Here, in this blog, we have tried our best to give you an in-depth knowledge of Direct Inward Dialing that includes its working principle and advantages it brings to your business operation. 

How do you define Direct Inward Dialing?

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) involves connecting a block of telephone numbers to your business by your network provider over PBX. With DID numbers businesses of all sizes can have their own set of virtual numbers that allows them to bypass the main reception lines so that their customers don’t have to go through a lengthy process in order to connect to a desk extension or group of extensions. The best part is, you can use the DID numbers in any locality, premium-rate, or align with the international toll-free numbers as well. If you want to define DID in one line, then it would be “You can directly reach me on this number”.

For support, you can use Direct Outward Dialing (DOD) which is pretty similar to DID but the only difference is, it’s used for outbound calls. Using DOD in your office phone, you can simply connect to the network operator without having to press buttons.

If you see DID from a customer or client point of view, then it would like any other telephone number we often use. However, things are a little different when it comes to the functionality of DID numbers. They are actually virtual numbers that directly connect to your office extension or company premises. Have you heard of shortcut phone lines? It’s like that only.

The working principle of DID:

In general, DID’s working principle depends on one of two ways:

  1. VoIP
  2. PSTN

On VoIP: Arguably the most advanced and user-friendly way to use virtual direct-dial numbers and SIP trunking hers gives a helping hand. Because of SIP, you are available with instant trunk line connections according to your need. There is no concept of physical lines here, they are only broadband virtual links, available on demand.

The internal configuration needed to create these links and a software application is used to link them with your extension. You won’t need the experts’ help for the same as you can DIY or else ask VoIP providers, they will take care of it. DID on VoIP is highly reliable. No more waiting for days, no setup cost, 24/7 support available.

On PSTN: A set of trunk lines are connected to an organization’s hosted PBX. Then, the VoIP provider provides a set of new numbers, and then that can be used as the direct-dial numbers. The call forwarding comes into play once the inbound calls get connected to the direct-dial numbers. Businesses will receive those calls through PBX via trunk line, which was not the case with the older phone systems. They were mostly controlled by analog circuits.

Why would I prefer DID? How can it benefit my business?

Let’s take a look at the top benefits of Direct-Dialing:

  1. Cost-savvy options: By having DID numbers for your business, you can sharply reduce the dependence on the trunk lines and significantly bring down their numbers. You can save immensely on long-distance calling costs by forwarding DIDs to several continents – thanks to VoIP technology.
  2. Saves valuable time for customers: Call routing especially, saves the valuable time of your customers by directly connecting to the concerned person. No virtual receptionist or long halt phone menu. Giving follow-up will be easier for customers as each of their agents is assigned a unique number.
  3. Enhanced customer CX: Customers can get to speak to their desired person anytime without any hassle or computer-generated process. This certainly helps the overall customer CX. The rate of satisfaction would be higher.
  4. Better team collaboration: Your workforce can get in touch with each other via dedicated extensions no matter where they are, be it in a different office, city, or country.  
  5. Getting local area numbers: In general, everybody likes to dial a local number, don’t you? If you are a business that is operating in New Delhi can have a local area number of Bhubaneswar or Kolkata that customers can use to contact.
  6. No need to purchase new equipment: You won’t have to purchase any new hardware or any other equipment as the existing ones are enough to make the DID numbers operationally or active.
  7. Auto call forwarding feature: You can use the direct-dial line to auto-forwarding of your inbound calls to the mobile device of your choice. You can use the temporary numbers as well, and it’s completely secure as callers won’t be able to recognize it as a temporary number.
  8. More flexibility: With DID, you can make or take calls on the device of your choice at any place. Remote working requires a flexible solution, and the power of three – DID, VoIP, and SIP with synchronization of smart devices makes it inevitable for any organization.
  9. Auto time settings: You can set the time prior to a call in order to accommodate different time zones. This is definitely an ideal way to keep your business open for customers belonging to different time zones. It’s also great for your team working abroad.
  10. A unique approach to marketing attribution: You can easily track your marketing campaign performances, how? You can add unique numbers to every single marketing campaign that helps you get the best out of them.

The best part of having DID numbers is, you are equipped with the right set of numbers to grow without any interruptions and it’s a quick setup & no additional purchases saves your valuable time & money, which was not the case with others. You can transform your current workplace, by moving with enhanced efficiency and ensure better productivity in a time that requires more from a distributed business establishment.

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