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How do you prepare yourself before taking an important call? What is your approach to answering calls? Don’t you wish to have that extra one minute or two, so you can keep yourself ready to take on the person on the other side? The answer is yes, of course! Who doesn’t want to have this advantage! Thanks to VoIP Technology for introducing the call whisper feature. From individuals to big teams, everyone can leverage the advantage of having access to that little extra information about calls before they begin the chat over the phone. This is now possible with the advanced call whisper feature of cloud-based VoIP phone systems.

In a market full of competition, you have to keep your live agents upgraded with the market flux and constantly ask them what to say & what not to. Well, this is a very hectic process that most of the managers do not like. With the pressure mounting on call center agents to deliver, Call Whisper is definitely the next best thing in customer service. Why? This feature allows customer support agents to bring their best to the table, making the most out of every interaction.

What do you mean by Call Whisper?

This feature allows managers to prompt their agents silently during the calls without the knowledge of the callers on the other side. It’s a one-directional conversation to pass on key information to agents so that they can easily handle callers and keep them happy.

The CRM integrated feature keeps the callers engaged with the automated message during the rings while passing on necessary information like who, what, why. It empowers agents to stay prepared beforehand to deal with specific issues, providing a better customer CX.

Callers literally do not have any idea regarding the same, as what they keep hearing is “phone ringing”. In between what managers can do is, keep talking to their agents in the middle of the call. The messages delivered to the agents are of different types, starting from the who is dialing & previous conversation key takeaways to what they are looking for or what business they do offers to pitch, to name a few. All this information they available prior to the conversation starter or during. 

Advantages of Using Call Whisper for Call Center Managers

The application of Call Whisper is not limited to certain types only, as different dimensions can be achieved with the same. This is definitely a great tool for call center managers to enhance the overall customer experience to a great extent. Listed below are some of the featured benefits of call whisper and its use cases that you may find interesting:

  • Prioritizing the inbound calls: For a business customer is God, no matter the types but every call is important. However, there is a need for more attention to specific calls. Prioritizing the calls manually can kill your valuable time, so what you could do instead is to let the automated call whisper take care of it. Isn’t that great?
  • Detect & block spam calls: You must be coming across a number of spam calls every day, answering these types of calls is a total waste of time, energy, and words. With the call whisper, all the calls are screened, and caller ID is displayed to identify the spam. It allows your employees to make a voice to reject certain calls that seem to be spam. Their valuable time is saved from getting wasted, making the best out of the working hours doing something productive that actually draws some big money.
  • Knowing the callers better: This amazing feature provides the key details about the caller prospects and why they want your service or products. By having all the info at your fingertips, you feel more confident about dealing with particular people and this is undoubtedly a huge plus for all of your ongoing marketing campaigns. With all this additional information available, your agents come to a position to seal the deal in no time. Customers think that you really do care about them and their concerns, it encourages them to go further and make a deal.
  • Power to customize the messages: Customization brings a sense of ownness with it. Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of this feature to stay connected with their customers by sending recorded voice messages. You can record your own messages and send them to your customers on a priority basis.


Maximizing your call center agents’ potential with Call Whisper.

Call Whisper is designed, keeping the end-users in mind. It helps managers and agents alike. It’s the duty of managers to keep coaching their live agents to achieve better, and having an advanced piece of software in your armor certainly raises the bar of your capability. 

Above all, businesses run on profit and the performance of your agents is directly proportional to your business growth. It saves those valuable time that generally gets wasted in whether I should receive this or vice-versa, by enabling you to make the right call. In addition to this, you can also figure out the origin of the leads and prepare like how to pitch the sale or suggest offers, etc. 

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