How do you feel when you are put on hold? Of course, you will be irritated. Unfortunately, it gives the same kind of feeling to everyone else out there, right? Be it rescheduling a canceled train, trying to get computer help from a technical expert, or having a query, no one would like to hear that lady saying, “The agent you are trying to reach is busy at the moment, please hold”. According to a recent study, it has been found that customers nearly spend 13.5 hours a year on hold on an average — it’s not them who are on the losing side, businesses also lose a large chunk of revenue as well. Businesses are losing about $38 billion per annum due to the same. Is there any way to check the hold times? Customer Callback software is the ideal way to put an end to call holding time. Why Customer Callback software?

What is Customer Callback Software?

It is an advanced call center technology that eventually eliminates the hold time. What is customer callback, and how it can benefit your business?

What is Customer Callback?

You call it “virtual hold” which helps callers to avoid the long waiting or call holding time by giving a call back to the person once the agent becomes free. This way customers can directly speak to the concerned person or department, without having to wait for too long. Isn’t that great?

Having said that it allows customers to end the call immediately instead of being in line for long to speak to a call center representative or support agent on the phone. The best thing is, they do not lose their place either, the virtual queue callbacks as per the order of sequence that is based on the first come first serve principle. The callers are also available with the option to get a call back by the agents once they set free, or you can also schedule a callback from the agents when you will be free.

It empowers admins to set an average hold time for the callback option to be available for the audience or give an estimated time that allows callers theater to wait on the line or choose a set time to expect a callback. The software makes use of a queuing predictive algorithm to decide an estimated waiting time for a callback.

Now, you must be thinking that what if a person doesn’t receive the callback at the first attempt itself? The specialty of this software is, it will try to dial that number one more time before removing that from the calling queue.

What are the negative consequences of long waiting time:

Listed below are a few findings that would let you know why you can’t afford a long wait time, let’s take a look:

  • Approx. 62% of callers find that one minute hold time even too long
  • The percentage of callers that don’t mind holding until they are responded is only 4%.
  • On an average caller can wait only a maximum of 12 minutes before they end the call
  • Over 35% of callers customers never call back the company that place them on hold for a longer period of time
  • 72% of callers think of switching to one of your competitors after being when they are kept on hold for a record time

How Customer Callback Software can help businesses retain customers by eliminating the frustration of long call hold time? Take a look at the benefits.

  • It increases the first call resolution rate to a great extent and brings down the call abandonment to a minimum
  • It increases the overall Customer CX that eventually results in creating a good reputation for your business
  • You will see a sharp decrease in the overall operational cost
  • You can expect a higher conversion rate
  • High volume calls can be managed with better efficiency and peak hours are in control
  • The productivity of the agents are enhanced

The capability of customer callback time definitely brings down the resolution time, ensuring an improved productivity level that eventually results in an enhanced Customer CX. This is the tip of an ice-berg, the possibilities are endless with call center software. However, if you are expecting more than just a callback tool, you need to explore the entire call center platform in-depth. Better if you read the reviews or listen to the experts regarding your call center software queries, this will help you make a good decision.

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