The last 10 years have been a rollercoaster ride for many, especially those related to the VoIP industry. With the market showing exponential growth in 2020, thanks to the pandemic – you can expect to see more from the technology within a year or two. It’s not just the demand for the technology, but the continuous technological enhancements in different fields, a government push for virtual communication, and business adoption to work from home that has the biggest pillar of strength for the rise of this amazing tech. The VoIP Services are showing no signs of slowing down from the next 30 years down the line. In fact, what people have seen might be just the tip of an ice-berg. With the 5G rollout around the globe, VoIP Services seem to be unstoppable at the moment.

With an increasing number of business fraternities relying on VoIP Phone Systems or showing interest in the technology, VoIP has become the main source of communications today. That’s the reason, knowing the latest industry trends has become a must for you in order to harness the VoIP technology to its full potential. Businesses from all walks of life, irrespective of their size and market share can get the best out of these gradual industry innovations in the coming financial years to get the reward of fruitful communications.

With the increasing rate of digitalization, the on-demand culture has surely taken up the speed. This has forced businesses of all sizes to go with cost-effective communication solutions to empower their support teams to give a better customer experience. And, VoIP does the rest. Here are a few emerging VoIP trends that you can see in a year or two:

  • Introduction of 5G: The first-placed business communication will be even faster with the 5G rollout. You can expect lightning-fast browsing speed with a 72% faster data transfer rate than 4G. This would certainly lead to improved connectivity with reduced instances of call drop rates. And, the result is, an increasing number of organizations joining the party to leverage all the benefits of VoIP features and the scope it offers for further expansion of their usage. 
  • AI The New Customer Service: Slowly but steadily Artificial Intelligence(AI) is gaining momentum. Be it YouTube or Traffic Signals, the application of AI is found everywhere. And, VoIP won’t be an exception. What’s more & more repetitive tasks can be performed by AI, about 80% of customer interactions or other general VoIP services will be taken care of without any human interventions and 2025 is not that far away.

You can take the call center industry as an example – with the self-help options to find quick solutions their service standard has definitely improved providing in recent times. The technology also benefited the call center agents a lot, as they can now invest quality time in doing something that is more productive and solving the challenging issues. AI also provides valuable insights by analyzing the data that contribute to business decision-making. Once you learn how to incorporate AI with your business phone systems, you can leverage all the benefits of future communications.

  • Smarter VoIP Assistants: The rate at which the language processing is advancing, you can expect better & even smarter virtual assistants, responding to more complicated customer queries. Now, you can imagine the future of your VoIP system with technical advancements. A number of arduous processes starting from intelligent call routing to hyper-speed calls-to-voicemail can be done with ease. 
  • The Rise of Mobile Unified Communications: The introduction of smartphones has certainly transformed human lives to a great extent. They have become their best friends and more than just calling and sending text messages. They are more like mini-computers that empower humans to perform various tasks irrespective of their locations.

If you see this from a business perspective, smartphones have literally opened up new windows of opportunities for growth, while increasing the efficiency and productivity of the workforce. Now teams residing in remote locations can get in touch with each other and enjoy more fruitful communication. Customers can reach them anytime and more often the solutions can be provided in no time with more flexibility. 

With VoIP Services being facilitated by the mobile app integration and a nationwide 5G rollout on the cards, the functionalities expected to see an unconventional rise. Within a year or two, the number of instances is expected to take the flight and go past the supersonic mode. An increasing number of businesses all around the globe will be adopting the app-based virtual numbers to make or take business calls, schedule conferences, and arrange team meets.

  • The Magical Combination of VoIP & IoT: More power to the VoIP devices as they are going beyond just sending those voice and video-packets. From normal to superlative operational capabilities, the VoIP services will remain relevant to the core with a more-determined assurance of securing all the endpoints of connected devices for a smooth connection that includes the cameras and speakers. The connection needs the best of both IoT and VoIP. 

Put simply, the VoIP and IoT combined can change the way today’s businesses operate that too in a positive way. Smart offices are the best example you have. To operate a business, all you need is data, and if you are able to get data in a secure way you can operate from any remote location. You can record calls or meetings, keep them for quality and training purposes.

  • Number Portability: Building a larger audience base and keeping them loyal to your business is a herculean task for sure, especially in this highly competitive digital marketing landscape, where the marketing concept is “You Miss, I Hit”. That’s why you need to be available 24/7. No matter who your phone service providers are, the customers must reach you on your previous numbers.

Easy Mobile Number Portability (MPN) options are available these days and most VoIP providers are offering the service of Local Number Portability (LNP), and Do Not Call (DNC) as well.

  • The Fling of VoIP & WebRTC: The WebRTC being an open-source framework when integrated with the VoIP phone systems certainly raises the VoIP standards, even a better experience. The business communication couldn’t have asked for better. No extra plugins and widgets required to use different functionalities.

If you see the future through the lens of VoIP, you can do a tangible amount of business. And, small scale industries can be the biggest gainers due to their cost-savvy features and communication superiority. And, the big enterprises can simply take their business to the next level with VoIP Phone Systems.

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