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When you’re speaking to a person over the phone, you’re most likely to note down the key outcomes of that particular conversation. However, it is always not possible to do the same and it creates a distraction while you are on the call, right? What is the best solution to make the best out of a conversation, without having to worry about missing out on the key points at the same time? Thanks to the call recording feature of the Business VoIP systems. You can easily record the conversation of both parties while accessing them for future reference. So, what is this feature of Business VoIP systems?

What is VoIP Call Recording?

The call recording feature of the VoIP phone system is the most secure and convenient way to record conversations and store them in the cloud. You can record both inbound and outbound with crystal clear audio quality. After the call is over, it is stored in the cloud for quality and analysis purposes. You can access these recordings anytime.

 How Does It Work?

The VoIP call recording process is simple as it is. The methods used are:

  • Press the record button before you start a conversation or you can also record it in the middle of the conversations as well. 
  • You can press the pause button when required.
  • You are available with the “look back,” technology to record the entire conversation, even if you have already started the conversation before sending the command for call recording.

Once you activate the call recording function, all the conversations will be recorded and saved automatically in the cloud as voice data files. The audio format is categorized by the call center software. Calls recorded in different formats can be easily converted to the formats of your choice.

Are There any Types of VoIP Call Recording?

Yes. Primarily they are divided into three categories:

  1. The Hosted Recording: In this case, the hardware and server requirement parts are taken care of by the service providers. Limited recording data and paid subscriptions are available.
  2. Recordings that are Software-Based: In this case, the recording software will be present on your desktop or else the server. Here the call recording is not just limited to the phone only, you can record conversations over any softphone applications be it Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, to name a few. 
  3. Recordings that are Hardware/Appliance based: In this case, usually a recording device is kept along with the VoIP equipment, all you need is to get it an Internet connection. 

How Can It Benefit Your Organization?

Call Recordings come with a plethora of benefits both for your support, sales team, and management as well. Let’s take a look: 

  • Definitely raises the bar of customer support: Call recordings can be used for quality assurance. It helps managers and higher authorities to take note of key takeaways and find out the scope for improvement.
  • Enhance the performance of agents: You can analyze individual performances and take the best ones for training purposes. This way managers can help enhance the performance of agents by telling them what would work for them and whatnot.
  • Identify those areas that need improvement: Managers can find the current trends and patterns that may work in your favor. 
  • Solving disputes quickly: Listening to the recording can help you resolve potential disputes that generally arise between two parties. You can find the root cause of the dispute and work on that to ensure that doesn’t happen in near future.

Is there any legal restriction to VoIP Call Recording?

There are certain protocols that need to be followed while recording calls between two parties. But there are no major concerns as the service agreements are signed at the time of the deal. 

Call recording with VoIP phone systems is definitely the most convenient and effective way to enhance your business performance, especially improving customer support and sales calls. Organizations from every walk of life can get the benefits of using call recording software. This certainly raises awareness among your team and takes the conversation quality to the next level. So, do make sure not to miss out on any of the benefits of call VoIP call recording. 

Recording tools available these days are very user-friendly and can be seamlessly integrated with the existing software stack. What’s more? Well, there is a lot to discover yet! If you’re a business that deals with a large volume of outbound and inbound calls, then VoIPTech Solutions call recording service can help you make the best out of the conversations.

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