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The much-anticipated rise of VoIP is a result of three major factors: the new norm ‘work from home‘ , being a money-saving alternative to traditional phone systems, and last but not the least advanced features that the modern-day workforce needs the most. If you take a look at the numbers, the U.S. market has recorded 50 million VoIP business lines by 2021, where it was just 6.2 million in 2010. However, there is one question that remains unsolved, Fixed or Non-Fixed VoIP Phone Systems – Which is Good for Your Business in 2021? Need an answer? Well, this comprehensive guide will definitely help you reach a decision about what is right for your business; a Fixed or Non-Fixed VoIP Phone Systems.


Is there any commonality between Fixed and Non-Fixed VoIP Numbers?


Before you dive deep into the sea of VoIP to find the meticulous differences between the number types, it would be wise to discover their commonalities. Both fixed and non-fixed VoIP numbers:


  • Use the Internet for calls
  • VoIP devises they use are of the same type
  • Texting capability can be easily configured
  • All the benefits of VoIP connection are the same 


If you compare the operational cost of fixed and Non-Fixed VoIP Phone Systems with the traditional phone lines, then you will be saving a huge margin of money for your business. According to the studies, the cost-cutting is up to 40% to 55% can be achieved with VoIP Phone Systems. But winning the trust of your customers is what matters the most, and there comes the importance of a fixed or non-fixed VoIP number. Moreover, the speed at which they are able to reach the emergency services also has an impact.


What are the major differences between these two? 


Let’s answer a few questions:


So, what do you mean by Fixed VoIP Numbers?


The fixed version of the VoIP number is subjected to a physical address, it can be an office space or home address of a person.


What is the working principle?


In general VoIP service providers give these numbers linked to a broadband network with PSTN. Though they are internet-based numbers, they do share common functionality with and appear like traditional phone numbers. These types of numbers appear to be more credible compared to their non-fixed counterparts, as they have physical addresses. It plays a crucial role in convincing your customers to respond to calls from your official numbers.


One of the key advantages of having fixed VoIP numbers is, the exact location of the callers can be identified with a 911 dialer, ensuring public safety to the highest standards.


What do you mean by Non-Fixed VoIP Numbers?


Actually, they are virtual phone numbers without having physical addresses. When it comes to calling capacities, they are no less than their fixed counterparts and they are not restricted to any geographical location and can be in use anywhere in the world. The biggest plus of having non-fixed numbers is, businesses can break the barrier of geographical boundaries and make their products & services easily accessible to worldwide audiences. 


How could we forget its contribution to unifying communications by helping teams working from various remote locations! They are pretty easy to put in service without disclosing much info about the users. These services usually come with a reasonable price tag or are free of cost. And, call tracing is not easy at all, emergency services find it really tough. 


Why Do Businesses Choose Non-Fixed VoIP?


Reasons are many, however, we are here mentioning the most reasonable ones:


  • Businesses that want to win the trust of the native audience with a local presence: Suppose you are an Indian startup that doesn’t have a physical address in the US or UK, but customers from these countries showing interest in your products or services, and you don’t have a budget to open a branch office there, what’s the solution? The solution is a Non-Fixed VoIP Phone Systems! They aren’t linked to a particular geographical location, allowing you to develop business-friendly relationships with the local communities by having a local address that too without bearing any extra charges.


  • Connecting remote teams: For multinational companies having distributed workforce operating from different parts can reflect their employee’s business & DID numbers the same as their own format. The benefit? No multiple phone lines required while ensuring the DID numbers of their employees staying relevant to their serving location.


  • Remote collaboration is easy: With the new norm, companies seem to be struggling, but with non-fixed VoIP numbers they won’t. No matter where your employees are located, they can stay connected 24/7 and collaborate on different projects. 


Easy to set up, user-friendly, and come with a pool of advanced features that empower remote teams to collaborate and stay productive with video conferencing solutions, HD audio calling, texting, business fax, and more.


  • Cost-cutting: The cost benefits of a non-fixed VoIP number is its biggest strength. No on-premise hard requirements accommodate, cloud-based operation, and low-cost VoIP minutes plans make them a strong contender for a cost-savvy initiative. 


Why should businesses opt for the Fixed VoIP?


Well, let’s discuss it out:


  • To appear authentic: Having a physical address makes numbers look more authentic and that reflects on your business perspective. With a number of open-source APIs available on the Internet that can easily identify or reveal the true identity of the caller with spam detection, having a fixed VoIP number can make a business more credible.


One thing you can do is, registering your Non-Fixed VoIP Phone Systems through the available free online business directories in order to avoid spam detection. You can use Google My Business, Yelp, and Bing Places for the same as a result, your business information will appear when someone looks for your business. This eventually leads to improvement in your business call pick-up rate.


  • If you need a multi-functional phone system: Fixed VoIP numbers come with a variety of business productivity tools.


Fixed or Non-Fixed VoIP Phone Systems: What is good for my business?


Needs vary from business to business. After all, keeping it up with the current changes is a must. Likewise, a growing business or a startup can take advantage of non-fixed VoIP numbers with short-term goals, and fixed VoIP numbers are best suited for long-term operations. A fixed version will serve as a great tool to win the trust of the local community whom you are serving.


Coming to the non-fixed VoIP numbers, they can be the perfect companion right at the moment to grow without spending a ton. They are also ideal for businesses that require frequent traveling and have more people working from remote locations. In addition to that, save big on international calls and are easy to set up; you can go live in a few minutes.


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