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Call quality issues are often seen with VoIP Phone Systems. In the ad, you are not an exception, right? Businesses that have hosted phone services are often heard complaining about audio quality issues and it has nothing to do with the available bandwidth of the internet connection. Troubleshooting the endurance problems related to the audio quality of VoIP Phone Systems are easy but sometimes it can be very challenging. Long delays, no response, and abrupt silence create doubt over your credibility and that can cost you losing out a large chunk of business opportunities to your competitors. Is there any way to improve the call quality?

The answer is Quality of Service (QoS)? It improves the voice quality for VoIP calls, ensuring a fruitful conversation 24/7 using the technology. Simply put, if you focus more on improving the voice traffic that would eventually result in enhanced reliability and call clarity.  

What is VoIP Quality of Service?

Quality of Service (QoS) is defined as the prioritization of the network traffic that is passing through a router to ensure almost every user avails of the highest quality service. Administrators take the help of QoS to successfully address those issues arising due to the poor audio quality.

VoIP is vulnerable to the network traffic jam that eventually results in unwanted echoes, slowness, and calls drop. Why does it happen? As the VoIP technology depends on data packets that generally reach the destination following the correct order, there are chances of glaring due to the high latency and jitter. In addition to this, the First In First Out (FIFO) sequence of data packets maintained by the routers gives birth to the issues related to the queuing. This is common when the network bandwidth use is high. What QoS does is, uses dedicated network resources for large volumes of traffic coming from different sources and the use of devices.

If you are setting up QoS for the very first time with your VoIP Phone Systems, then you have to follow simple instructions and protocols. Once you are done, you experience the real HD calling 24/7 and for that, you won’t have to adjust the available bandwidth.

Why does Quality of Service matter?

Do you feel like talking to a person who’s not audible on the other side? No, right? So, you should not expect the same from others. Poor quality audio sometimes makes things terrible and you are left with no option but to drop the call. Businesses are always at the receiving end when it comes to poor-quality audio calling. No matter what type of conversation it is, be it giving sales demos and webinars, providing customer support, taking interviews, or conduction team meetings, poor quality audio leads you to nowhere.

Leaving the above, every conversation does matter to a business, and inconsistency in the distribution of VoIP packets leads to frequent communication failures that put your brand’s credibility in danger. With QoS in place, you can expect better quality calls for all service providers on your Local Area Network (LAN). With almost 70% of the workforce working from remote locations, prioritizing VoIP traffic has become more crucial than ever.

How to set up QoS for VoIP Phone Systems?

Having said that, getting familiar with the network-related terms can help you a lot while troubleshooting the VoIP issues and find out the right solutions for them. 

  • Latency: It helps you measure the average time taken by the data packets to reach the destination or assigned IP address. Keeping the sensitivity of the Voice data packets in mind that get to jitter over delay exceeding 150 milliseconds, this is necessary to have.
  • Network jitter: It helps you in variation measurement of data packet delays. When they aren’t able to make it in order due to an unstable network connection, jitters can hinder the voice quality.
  • Packet loss: It helps, measuring the data packet loss after each transmission. Especially the voice data packets that are vulnerable in nature. A small percentage of loss in data packets (>3%) can lead to poor audio quality.
  • LAN and WAN network: Understanding the network topologies help you find the exact endpoints. VoIP packets take the aerial route through the LAN and WAN in order to make it to the destination.

What are the best practices to improve call quality with VoIP Phone Systems?

It is foremost for every business to find a reliable VoIP service provider. Why? They will help shed light on the best VoIP network to choose and things that need to be done in order to achieve superior call quality.

  • Using reliable Ethernet connections: Ethernet is always the best option. Wi-Fi is good, but interference is not completely avoidable. On a few occasions, it leaves you frustrated. Opting for Ethernet cables that are Category 6 certified would be an ideal way to keep the latency rate low and avail better bandwidth.  
  • Regular monitoring of LAN and WAN connections: Keeping track of deciding network metrics such as bandwidth, ping, and jitter will help you find the source of network congestion. 
  • Ask for better speed: Most of the businesses are okay with the offered bandwidth as they certainly have no idea what can be achieved with higher bandwidth. In that case, choosing cable and fiber connections are the best way to go. 

How can VoIP service providers help fix the QoS?

Services differ from one VoIP provider to another. However, all users don’t necessarily have the same issues as well. In this case, choosing a VoIP Provider that has a large network, spreading across worldwide destinations can ensure to withstand severe weather conditions and a number of users at one go. You can rest assured when trouble strikes, their technical support team will be available 2/7 for help.

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