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Are you planning to switch your business communications to VoIP Phone Systems? Do not know where to start? You need to apply the best practices to ensure a successful VoIP installation without any hassle. So, spare a few minutes out of your busy schedules to explore how you are not only going to get benefited from VoIP Phone Systems, but also discover all the possibilities of making it big with cost-cutting, better communications, and collaboration. With a little research and planning, you can go a long way by leveraging all the benefits of the cloud with hosted VoIP connection.


Here are some of the findings and facts demonstrated by the world’s leading VoIP experts that will help you make good decisions.


So what are the benefits of switching to VoIP? Well, cost-cutting and flexibility are two of the biggest factors adding to its benefits, however, there are many remarkable things you can do with VoIP Phone Systems. Find the list below:


  • You avail added advanced features without any additional fees
  • Affordable VoIP minute plans with unlimited international calling
  • Getting virtual numbers that customers can use to reach your primary contact
  • Advanced features like call forward, in case of agents are busy so the call is automatically forwarded to the next person and hunting groups
  • Increase your global presence with local numbers, area codes
  • Low-cost Toll-Free numbers
  • Mobile app integration
  • Online account management
  • HD quality voice
  • Use of existing hardware
  • Access to a pool of advanced features


Small scale businesses especially can take the maximum advantage out of these systems and strengthen their business communications to a great extent. Features like intelligent call routing, IVR, voicemails to emails, low-cost VoIP minutes, missed-call service, and virtual numbers, will empower businesses of a small scale to lay a strong foundation for their international ambitions with uninterrupted communications.


What are the basic requirements to get going with VoIP Phone Systems?


All you need is a good Internet connection, be it broadband or Wi-Fi.


  • DSL or Cable
  • T1 or Wireless


There is also an option for the satellite connection to get the VoIP service to work, however, two factors can affect the speed that are extreme latency and low bandwidths. A stable bandwidth is required continuously to maintain the speed, otherwise, the voice packets will be lost during the transmission, resulting in poor quality voice. There will be a requirement for a low bandwidth codec from your VoIP carrier provider’s end. G723.1 would be the ideal one for the satellites. 


What would be the total bandwidth usage for VoIP Phone Systems?


Coming to the bandwidth usage, it depends on the severity of the limit set by your ISP.  But there should be a minimal requirement, right? Yes.


  • You will require approx. 100kbps of bandwidth, if your VoIP service provider is using a codec G711, which is totally non-compressed. To keep the right balance between upstream and downstream, this is the minimum requirement. You can easily calculate the bandwidth by comparing both. Here is how:


  1. If you add both upstream and downstream, it will come approx. 200 kilobits/second
  2. Make it around the total that will be around 1000 min/month. The total consumption will be: 200kbits x 60 seconds x 1000 minutes = 12,000,000 kilobits.
  3. Divide the sum by 8: 12,000,000/8 = 1,500,000 kilobytes. If you convert it into bytes, it is 1.5GB
  4. Likewise, you can get the whole amount of requirements with the same formula. For example, 2000 min/month, would be 3GB


What are the considerations of VoIP Phone Systems?


Preparing a proper roadmap for the VoIP installation can save you from many challenges in the transition. For large enterprises, it won’t be a problem at all, but by keeping an eye on some key aspects small businesses can have the easiest of transitions.


  • First of all, you need to check on the bandwidth available with your current Internet connection. Is that enough for you or need to increase?
  • Then comes the number portability. Does your VoIP provider ensure number porting in a faster turnaround time?
  • Will there be any complications with your current toll-free number?
  • Can you sex Fax over VoIP?
  • Does it allow dial-up modems & IVR payments?
  • Is it in compliance with FCC E911 & 411 Access?
  • Does it provide local numbers with area codes?
  • Can I integrate my current telephone systems with VoIP?
  • Will cloud data be safe?


Why are 3S so crucial – Survey, Study, & Subscribe?


Before you start, you have to keep three things in mind: the so-called 3S – Survey, Study, & Subscribe. Ask for suggestions from the current users, do a bit of research, and subscribe to the service of a reliable VoIP provider. Having adequate knowledge about the available VoIP plans and what your business requirement is, will make all the difference.


How to find a good VoIP provider? 


After reviewing all the features on offer, you can compare the pricing. A dollar or two would make a difference to you, but if you add them and compare then you can save big annually. It would be ideal to go with a service provider that charges between $10 to $20 dollar per month with all the necessary features including.


Why VoIPTech Solutions is a good choice?


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