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In 2021, the change is inevitable, and following the old strategies, using outdated software tools, and approaches isn’t going to help you anyway. Thanks to the VoIP Phone Systems, the new age technology has all the advanced features in its armor that can give your business the required boost to maintain the workflow and increase productivity. Can I benefit from the VoIP Phone Systems?

No matter the size of a business, be it small or large, they all have equal rights to grow. No business has started big, from scratch to being established among the multi-billion dollar company, it’s the journey that defines the success story. And, the best thing about Hosted VoIP services is, they equip you with advanced PBX solutions that come without any setup costs. What’s new? Integration of voice with other channels becomes an easy affair.

So, do you have plans for switching to VoIP? Is it for free or charges can be applied? How to switch from your traditional phone line? All you need to do is, contact VoIP service providers and have a good internet connection – they will take care of everything else. If you’re completely alien to VoIP Technology and need help to set up a virtual phone system, then following this step-by-step approach can make the job a bit easier.

  • Prepare a switching roadmap: Switching to VoIP has its own benefits – no more boundaries, no call charges, no connectivity issues, and more power to your organization. The requirements for VoIP infrastructure and on-premise hardware costs are negligible. So, the good news is, industries ranging from small to medium-sized are free from the burden of the setup cost.

With the introduction of cloud-based PBX solutions, things have changed completely. However, that doesn’t mean, you should jump straight away to VoIP! Make sure you do have the proper infrastructure in place and your employees received proper training to start using VoIP Phone Systems.

  • Internal system verification: Data travels through the VoIP network, ensuring a fast and stable internet connection can lay a strong foundation for the VoIP infrastructure. Make sure you have the Internet connection that fulfills your download and uploads speeds requirements to keep the business running smoothly. Opting for a fiber-optic connection will pay in your best interest. VoIP phone systems also can be run by the available Wi-Fi as well. What you can do is, use the speed test to measure what’s good for your business.
  • Find the right VoIP provider: Almost 90% of the job done if you find the right VoIP provider. With cloud apps, you can get started within 15-20 minutes. However, there are some criteria that you should follow to sign the deal. With VoIP providers like VoIPTech Solutions, you can enjoy the uninterrupted services of the fastest, lowest-latency VoIP servers that ensure HD quality phone calls 24/7. You stay sure to have 99.999% uptime, the world’s best call quality in compliance with HIPAA, to name a few. and more. Now you must be worried about the cost factor. Well, you will be happy to know that its basic plans start from $10/user per month. 
  • Choose your VoIP hardware: Figuring out the hardware to use can save you a ton. You can use the existing hardware to achieve the same result. VoIP phones come with headsets that you can use to communicate. You can also go with the VoIP softphones as well and do not forget to plug-in the adapter. Whether your employees use Android phones or iOS devices, with a simple app integration they can function as a VoIP system, enabling them to use all the features of VoIP.
  • Choose your plan for international calling: You can save a significant amount of business spending, by selecting the right plan for your international alma mater. Traditional network service providers charge a huge sum of money on international calls, which is not the case with VoIP phone systems. In addition to this, the features you get with VoIP phones won’t be available with their traditional counterparts. Switching to VoIP can save you up to 75%. The VoIP minutes plan can save you big on both domestic long-distance calling. 

The best part of having VoIP phone systems is, all the VoIP-to-VoIP calls are absolutely free of cost. It could prove to be one of your best business decisions — regardless of your size, market, and location.

Above all, upgrading your business communication to the current and future market requirements can eliminate all the roadblocks and always keep you in the driving seat. It saves those valuable time that generally gets wasted, searching for new ways to use the old technologies, enabling you to make the right call in the meantime. In addition to this, you can also figure out your future organizational shape.

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