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You must have heard of virtual phone systems, right? But do you know why VoIP phone systems have been the biggest hit among businesses these days? Why are they letting the traditional office phones go? Not only it brings down the business communication cost to a year low, but also enhances productivity, makes remote working more flexible, lets the team experience the true HD calling, and do much more. With so many positive reasons, VoIP phone systems truly deserve to be a part of your business communication.


If you believe in numbers, then you can discover the true potential of VoIP phones. The cost to overall customer experience ratio will help you predict the future of your business communication, knowing that it will be in safe hands.


A marginal decrease in the overall operational costs: The facts drawn may hold a bit of surprise for you, but the truth is switching to Cloud telephony can save you 50-71% in your current monthly business communication costs on average. If we compare the statistical data obtained from recent studies:


Features & Add-ons Traditional Phone System Billing Stats VoIP Phone System Billing Stats
Every Single Phone Line The cost per month is $40-$60/line  The cost per month is $10-$15/line
PBX System  It’s a one-time investment, would cost around $400-$1,500/user Absolutely free of cost, since it would be taken care of by the VoIP provider itself
Overall Annual Maintenance Charges It is 1% of the total cost of monthly phone service on an average Absolutely free of cost, since the maintenance part would be taken care of by the VoIP provider itself
Overall On-premise Hardware Cost It is around $50-$500/phone It makes use of the existing equipment, so no hardware requirement
International Calls Rough estimation for up to 10 employees, it would cost around $350/month Comes included in the monthly VoIP minutes plans, no hidden fees, no contracts


Using the existing Internet connection for business communion purpose can save you in big bucks:

  • In addition to the long-distance calls, businesses can save up to 45% on their local calls
  • Startups are the biggest gainers as they can make up to 82% cost saving 
  • Business can literally save up to 35% on multi-user teleconferencing


With VoIP Phone Systems, you are not limited to just voicemail, caller ID display, and call forwarding, as you can do a lot more than that is beyond imagination. Starting from Call recording, Automatic call distribution, IVR Menus to Call Routing, Call Analytics, Voicemail to Text, Call Monitoring, Find Me/Follow Me, and many more, the business possibilities are endless with VoIP Phone Systems. Well, have you ever wanted to know how these features can help your business? Would like to know in detail? Let’s help you then.


The cost-savvy features are not just amazing, they also help businesses achieve their end goals as well:

  • It certainly enhances the call resolution rates and makes it faster than ever that eventually results in an 80% fall in customer bounce rate and see a huge jump in cross-selling by up to 20%
  • Live agents get free time so that they can concentrate on some serious, more productive jobs, whereas self-service IVR takes care of the routine or common issues raised by the callers. 
  • Customers won’t have to hold for a longer period of time. Thus, reducing the call abandonment rate to a minimum, while saving up to 40% on the revenue part that you could have lost for the same.
  • You will see a huge fall in potential business miscommunication cost that is in between $3000-$5000/employee in an organization.
  • You will see a sudden rise in your call retention rate, as customers don’t get irritated or feel bored due to the average call waiting time. Thanks to VoIP features, hold music, and messages – the retention rate can be up to 98%.
  • Teams working from remote locations can increase their productivity by up to 20%
  • Saves those dollars that cost your organization for the poor call quality. The rough estimation is $500/employee per year.
  • Remote work is a great success. VoIP Phone Systems give businesses a sense of assurance to continue their operation, in case of a pandemic situation in the near future.


Hope you have understood the VoIP Phone Systems and how they have done for other businesses. Now, it’s your turn to leverage all the benefits that the phone system has to offer. But in order to taste real success, you need to make sure you choose the right VoIP service provider for your virtual phone system. For that, you would require to compare the features that come with each VoIP Minutes plan, check whether they are compatible with the third-party call center software, and the overall operational cost.


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