The way people used to work has definitely changed, amid the rise of the novel coronavirus cases which are still on the path of recovery and not to forget the new patents creating fear among the people. In these scenarios, finding the right people for the job has become more challenging than ever. And, no one can better understand things than a recruiter – as the rising pressure to make the hiring faster. In order to thrive in this fast-changing world, recruitment agencies need the right set of tools to draw the best out of every communication and easily collaborate for further discussion. What are the common issues that recruiters currently face while coping up with the ‘new norm’, and how cloud-based VoIP phones can help them make the hiring process fast & easy, picking the right candidate for the selection procedure? What are cloud-based VoIP phones?

Geographical barriers due to travel restrictions:

Dating back to 2019, when everything was normal and hiring of candidates used to be a normal day with face-to-face interaction with the appliers. Coming to 2021, the verticals have changed and virtual has become the new face-to-face. Going virtual has its own benefits and it equally serves in the best interest of recruiters and job-seekers. No travel required, no relocation, it’s simply you and the candidate. You tell your requirements, conduct virtual tests to see the output, and hire the right candidate that is perfect for the job profile. There would be no boundaries to hire people, as you can hire them to work for you from the comfort of home yielding better productivity.

What are the challenges recruiters facing?

You have a pool of talents to choose from, meeting the job requirements with the qualified applicants. At the same time, it paradoxically gives birth to new kinds of risks and sheering headaches to the recruitment agencies. And, recruiters certainly cannot afford to compromise on certain terms when it comes to managing their teams of consultants working from home.

How VoIP can benefit recruitment agencies of all types?

With the introduction of cloud-based VoIP phone systems, recruiters get it all under one platform for a more flexible way to get the job done. The cloud-based platform is good in terms of speed, agility, security, and same time features that allow the recruiters to feel empowered. Zero downtime and different modes of communication integration into one single platform.

Switching to a VoIP based system offers you a plethora of benefits that include:

  • You no longer require to go through all the CVs and resumes that are coming to you
  • Both recruiter and candidate are o longer requires to drive down to the office premises for the interview process, it can be done from anywhere
  • Recruiters are just a call away from the reach, available anytime on any devices 
  • The vetting process is now simplified 
  • Companies can expect more organized work from the recruiters, thanks to the HR software/CRM integration
  • Team collaboration and fruitful conversations with a centralized idea is now a reality
  • The recruiting team stay up-to-date 

What would be the future of recruitment?

Well, the answer is as simple as it is – it would be cloud-based. We are heading towards a new future. And, recruitment is not an exception. With a fast-changing job scenario, there are rising diverse candidate experiences and a number of hiring issues that need to be addressed properly. And, cloud-based VoIP phone systems are the only way out!

Increasingly, these systems are empowering recruiters to discover new and creative ways to go hire fresh candidates — in a virtual environment by successfully creating a strong brand of employment with the right intent. 

As most recruiting firms and company recruiter agencies are shifting their base towards virtual hiring, accommodating these new changes has become a headache for many. Thanks to the cloud-based VoIP phone systems, the communication and collaboration of teams with the desired candidates have been more flexible, quick, affordable, and fruitful at the same time. 

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