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Asterisk is the world’s most popular open-source telephony engine and toolkit, providing flexibility in the world of proprietary communications. It enables attached telephones to communicate with one another as well as connect to other telephone services. Spectrum enables advanced communication solutions in the production environment by providing asterisk-driven applications. To function as a useful operational system, Asterisk must be properly configured by creating channels/devices that allow Asterisk to communicate via a voice path that uses those channels/devices. Spectrum can design voice mail, conference calls, Interactive Voice Response phone menus (IVR), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD or Call Queues), Voice Broadcasting systems, Click to Call systems, Call Recording solutions, and many other features.

What are Asterisk solutions?

Asterisk is a free and open-source framework for developing communications applications. This transforms a regular computer into a communications server. Asterisk is the engine that drives IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, conference servers, and other custom solutions. It is used in the small size businesses, large size businesses, call center, carriers, and government agencies all over the world

What do you mean by call center?

Asterisk Solutions

Call centers are special offices designed to handle a high volume of phone calls. Call centers typically handle functions such as customer service, support, telemarketing, tele sales, and collections. Employees who work in call centers are known as “agents” or “customer service representatives” (frequently abbreviated as CSRs). Call centers range in size from very small, unorganized operations to massive, highly optimized operations with hundreds or even thousands of agents.

To increase productivity, call centers employ specialized telephone equipment. ACDs, or “Automatic Call Distributors,” are specialized telephony switching systems that queue and route inbound calls to agents based on a variety of criteria. Outbound calls are frequently generated by a “Predictive Dialer,” which monitors the status of agents and places call on their behalf. Desktop integration or screen pops are Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications, call recording solutions, Video calling solutions, productivity monitoring utilities, workforce planning systems, and various methods of historical and near real-time reporting are also common to call center tools.

Asterisk in the call center

Asterisk is an extremely useful tool for developing call center systems and solutions. It includes virtually everything you need to set up a working call center, including support for call queues, IVRs, outbound dialing, recording, live monitoring, and reporting. Small and informal call centers can be built with a single Asterisk server or with a turn-key IP PBX. Enterprise call centers typically use a cluster of Asterisk systems that are designed to scale as the business grows. Asterisk is frequently used as an adjunct in call centers with legacy ACD systems, acting as the IVR front-end to a skills-based routing solution.

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Applications of Asterisk solutions in a call center

  • ACD(Automatic call distribution)

ACDs are systems that automatically route incoming calls to Customer Service, Helpdesk, SAT, and other departments. An ACD enables you to improve your customer’s perception. Management employs call queuing with automatic distribution among a group of agents. There are various call distribution policies, such as sequential, random, for calls received, total duration of calls processed, and so on. You can also prioritize the agent’s knowledge (skills).

  • Dialers

Dialers – Outgoing call automation: a system that allows auto-dialing phone lists for telemarketing activities, arranging visits, or recovery. There are four ways to call, each with varying degrees of automation: preview, power dialer, progressive, or predictive.

  • IVR Systems – Interactive Voice Response

You can slow down your agents’ work by incorporating an interactive call management system. The user or customer selects, via tones or by speech utterances, the destination of your phone calls.

  • Call Recording Systems

you can access a reliable voice recording with a large capacity, and for a fraction of the cost of other systems solutions.

  • Screen pop

When receiving a phone call, the CTI(Computer telephony integration) system starts a session of CRM (or ERP) and can select the tab of the customer by ANI or CLID. Thus the agent can automatically display on your screen data and the recent efforts of the customer who has called.

  • Intelligent routing

Incoming calls are routed intelligently based on the dialed number (DDI), the caller’s number (ANI or CLID), or the date and time. This service’s functionality can be expanded by integrating it with customer databases (usually via web service).

  • Reports and call tracking

Statistics and real-time monitoring of received calls and service levels, telephone activity, agent productivity, and so on.

Benefits of Asterisk solutions

  • Be certain of the quality, transparency, and consequences of any action.
  • Examine your organization’s cost and quality performance.
  • Investigate which factors influence variation and identify the source of problems and opportunities.
  • Improved reporting and security.
  • Users benefit from a customizable and well-organized interface, which allows them to quickly access necessary information.

Asterisk solutions Features

  • Call Recording

Enable automatic or manual call recording.

  • Transferring a Call

Make use of a blind, attended, or warm transfer.

  • Monitoring of Phone Calls

Listen to, download, and rate recordings for quality assurance.

  • Dial Analytics

Analyze performance with custom or pre-built reports.

  • Agents or team member

The staff is defined by the users, telephones, and their permissions, etc.

  • Queues

organize Agents, for example, by skills and services.

  • ACD

ACD routes call automatically based on rules and strategies.

  • Trunks

Voip provider registered both your inbound and outbound calls.

  • Call history

Check the call history for inbound, outbound, internal, and abandoned calls.

  • Agent Availability

In real-time, you can see the status of the Agents (ready, paused, or not online).

  • Whisper in and barge in

Listen for agent calls, whisper, or interrupt a conversation.

  • Voicemail

Allow a caller to leave a voice message such as by using the Voicemail application.

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