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VoIPTech solutions offered the best IVR service in India, take the advantage of it, and improve business value. Why IVR is best we discussed here.

Compare and choose which IVR service is best for your business. Before going to discuss who offered the best IVR service in India first know about IVR.

What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated call solution provider that greets clients with a personalized greeting and provides a menu of options from which to choose the required inquiry. The hosted IVR system (IVRS) from VoIPTech solutions lets you tailor the service for your consumers.

Incoming callers can get information without speaking to an agent by using a voice response system with pre-recorded instructions, or they can use menu selections via touch-tone keypad selection or speech detection to have their call routed to certain departments or specialists.

How Does It Work?

When a customer dials the business phone number provided on your website, they are greeted with a pre-recorded voice that instructs them to dial particular numbers on their keypad to obtain the desired result.

When a consumer dials the chosen IVR, the process of retrieving data begins, and the necessary information is communicated back to the caller.

IVR creates a call routing system by merging current physical phone system installations with VoIP technologies. This system is then backed up by IVR software, which aids in the creation of automated menus that route calls to the right departments, live operators, or databases as needed.

Why do your Businesses need an IVR service?

For various businesses, an IVR software solution has a lot of advantages. Customers can utilize a banking IVR, for example, to check their bank balance while freeing up time for customer care representatives to handle more pressing issues. When used with auto callbacks, an IVR solution can assist improve customer service efficiency, handling incoming call spikes, and promoting customer satisfaction. It has the potential to improve your consumer experience if properly set up.

There are lots of criteria we discussed below for businesses that need an IVR service. Criteria are-

  • Individualized Service

Customize your IVR flow and messaging based on the location of your callers, their transaction history, or other relevant information.

  • Operational Costs Should Be Reduced

IVR service takes the place of a receptionist or customer care representative who takes calls and routes them to agents.

  • Enhance the first-call resolution

To avoid phone transfers and improve customer satisfaction, direct callers to the most relevant department and competent employees.

  • Lead increases

The rapid modification allows you to stay on top of your clients’ wants, which leads to more leads and client loyalty.

  • Improve your firm values

Callers may speak with specialists using the smart IVR service, which allows them to choose from a menu of multi-level IVR alternatives.

  • Increasing Agent Productivity

Agents may focus on prospecting and answering difficult inquiries, while multi-level IVRs handle simple concerns for faster resolution.

  • Large Call Volumes Must Be Managed

VoIPTech solutions’ innovative multi-level IVR can handle peak hour call volume by automatically connecting to several clients at once.

  • Provide a Customized Experience.

Personalize client encounters by using names in welcoming greetings and forecasting their requirements based on previous experiences.

  • Customer Service Automation

Give callers the option to self-serve while regular queries are automated.

  • Obtain feedback

An IVR dialer is a good way to get feedback from callers or conduct a survey.

  • Customer Service After Hours

For after-hours callers, play a pre-recorded message stating that you are closed and your office hours.

Features of IVR service

VoIPTech solutions in Bhubaneswar, Odisha provide the best IVR service in India for every business, it is not mandatory for giving service to small businesses and large enterprises, call centers, etc.

  • IVR with many levels

Create many levels in your IVR and set each level separately with call flows that are smartly built.

  • Record as many calls as you want

With an automated and limitless call recording service, you can keep track of every customer conversation.

  • Call Routing with Intelligence

Reduce call wait times by intelligently routing each caller to the appropriate department and agent.

  • IVR recording by a professional

High-quality IVR recordings are provided by a specialized and committed voice-over specialist.

  • Integration of APIs and Webhooks

Integrate webhooks and other third-party applications to improve your business solutions.

  • Alerts through SMS and email in real-time

Every time your agent misses a call, you’ll be notified by SMS and email.

What makes us(VoIPTech solutions) the best IVR service in India?

VoIPTech solutions provide the best IVR service in India before choosing any IVR service first look at the features and advantages that the company offers.

  • Setup in a flash

Install your toll-free service in minutes and begin calling your consumers right away.

  • Pricing that is the most competitive in the market

VoIPTech solutions have a fully developed cloud telephony suite with the most competitive pricing in the industry.

  • Reporting in Real-Time

With our real-time reports and dashboards, you can keep track of your call center’s actions in real-time.

  • The user-friendly portal

Your agents will find it simple to manage and track calls thanks to our user-friendly platform.

  • Integration with CRM

Integrate your toll-free service with CRM to receive a consistent and comprehensive view of your customers’ information.

  • Safe and Reliable

Providing organizations with enterprise-level security.

  • Scalable

Expand your business with ease on a cutting-edge technological platform with no restrictions.

VoIPTech solutions ease any worries you may have about security with its highly encrypted networks and different levels of authentication. Our team makes sure communication remains secure over the entire transmission journey. Let VoIPTech solutions show you customer support that is second to none. Our team is available 24/7, which means you have access to technical support and consultation services any time of day or night. Get a one, all-inclusive bill with no hidden costs. VoIPTech solution provides your call centers with a powerful cloud communications system for one affordable price.