Are you a small business looking for advanced phone systems for small businesses? Keeping future goals in mind, how do you rate your current phone system for small businesses? Well, your current traditional phone system may be fulfilling your needs right now, but limiting your growth potential. So, what’s the solution? A VoIP phones system for small businesses would be definitely a wise decision to increase your profitability and provide a great customer experience 24*7. The best part is, a VoIP phones system for small businesses makes your call agents’ life a bit easy with ease of use features. 

The thing is, recent updates in VoIP business phone systems have evolved significantly in recent years. You might be sharing a great comfort level with your current phone system, but it’s worth considering the number of advantages & features you might be missing out on by not switching to a VoIP phones system for small businesses.            

Choosing The Best VoIP Phones System for Your Small Business Phone:

You will come across various types of business phone systems in the market, each having its own set of advantages & drawbacks. 

You can easily upgrade your existing office phone system with VoIP and enjoy all the benefits that the technology brings to the floor. The features it offers and the flexibility you get always pay in your business interest, ultimately resulting in a fast-paced business module that always keeps you ahead of your competition. High-end contact center software solutions empower your sales & support team to speed up their operations that eventually result in increased revenue and better customer experience. Still, need a strong reason to switch to VoIP Phone Systems? Well, why would customers turn to you, if you are not available for them in the need of the hour? Not being at par with your competition can force your customers to shift their loyalty to another brand. 

Why are Cloud-based solutions a must?

With cloud-based solutions, you can quickly set up a call center for inbound calls, outbound calls, or both without any hassle. Having a proper VoIP infrastructure in place can turn the tides in your favor, and this is the right time to make a wise move.

If you are a startup or an organization with not so large big numbers and you don’t have any existing cables, contracts, or equipment to contend with, the clear choice is to implement a cloud-based phone system, which enables the use of VoIP Technology with your other business tools. This will help enhance the efficiency of your team while reducing the margin of error to a great extent.

However, before you reach a decision on selecting the solution type, you need to keep a variety of factors in mind, such as; current system architecture, budget, monthly/yearly plans, and internet speed. 

Phone Systems Available In The Market:

Having a bit of knowledge about the phone systems for small-scale businesses will help you in decision-making, especially when it comes to choosing the right one.         

Below listed are 4 types of phone systems available in the market and their working principle: 

  • Analog: It uses copper wires for the transmission of voice signals
  • Private Branch Exchange (PBX): It involves multiple cabled phones with individual phone lines.
  • IP PBX: Very much similar to a PBX system, but with a difference. Here the voice signals travel over the internet, no physical cables are required.
  • VoIP: VoIP uses data packets to transmit voice signals over the internet. With the help of a VoIP system and its out-of-the-box features, you can unify your communication channels, making the best out of your business communications.

Why VoIP Phone systems are quickly becoming the most favored communication choice for small-scale businesses? Well, the reasons are obvious! They not only come with an array of advanced features and functionalities but also make remote working more easy & productive and enhance contact center capabilities to a great extent. Those who are working from remote locations, just need a high-speed internet connection, perhaps, a headset and they are on. According to recent studies – companies providing a perfect work-from-home setting and utilizing the full potential of remote workers, in general, have 14% higher revenue as compared to those who don’t provide the same facilities.

As your business achieves new milestones, your needs also change over a period of time, there comes the VoIP Phone System which gives your business a competitive edge over your competitors. 

How to Choose Business VoIP Phones that Work With Other Business Tools Available?

With new technologies knocking at your door every day, finding a reliable system that actually fits your growing business needs can be a herculean task. And, if all your tools operate in isolation from one another, your employees have to update each system separately. Taking extra steps can cost you time and money. Having a system that can unify all of your business communication channels can save you a ton and boost your productivity to a great extent.

How? It’s only possible when all data is automatically centralized in a single tool. With a cloud-based VoIP phone system and the right kind of software in place, you can enhance your business performance the way you want.

Below listed are some of the great ways a cloud-based phone system can help enhance your business communication:

  • Integration of CRM with other necessary software solutions
  • Internal information sharing
  • Setting up an omnichannel communication
  • Boost productivity
  • Making the best out of both inbound & outbound calls
  • Training new agents during calls using the call whispering feature
  • Process automation eliminates task repetitions, thus saves time
  • Provide real-time data that’s worth every penny

The Features that a Cloud-based VoIP Phone System offers:

It’s quite difficult to figure out a specific one from an array of advanced features, but still here is a list of features that you can count on:

  • Systeme automation according to the business hours
  • Call recording.
  • Auto call routing 
  • Virtual call center setup.
  • Task manager
  • Real-time data
  • Call queuing
  • Call restriction
  • Power dialer
  • Call forwarding
  • Follow-up calls
  • Call whispering
  • Call monitoring
  • CRM Integration
  • Call Analytics & more

With a little thought process and some serious planning, you can have the best VoIP Phone System for small businesses that is both affordable and accessible. With the right business phone in place, you can enhance your customer experience to a great extent while adding more to your bottom line.

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