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602, 2023

Call center Dialer: Know the benefits of predictive dialer

  A dialer is a software that automates the dialing of phone numbers for customers. It also documents the outcome of these calls. Call centers use modern dialers to broadcast recorded messages through interactive voice response(IVR), push notifications, and SMS. Types of call center dialer Power dialer Preview dialer Predictive dialer Progressive dialer Bot dialers What is a Predictive Dialer? A predictive dialer is a call center dialer that handles a high contact volume, both inbound and outbound. Based on [...]

2701, 2023

5 benefits of Cloud phone system in 2023

  A cloud phone system is a digitally hosted virtual PBX system. Nowadays, businesses are using this to enhance their communication system. A cloud phone system can offer you great benefits in 2023. But how? Let's see. Cloud Phone system benefits Convenient to use Cloud-based phone systems don't require any wire or other installation processes. So you don't feel worried about space and maintenance. Businesses can have a small place, yet they can use cloud phones. As cloud phones are [...]

1701, 2023

The benefits of hiring an OpenSIPS Developer

  An OpenSIPS developer is a person who uses OpenSIPS as a SIP server to provide VoIP solutions. OpenSIPS plays a crucial role in businesses for stable and unified communication. It is one of the fastest SIP servers that offers reliable and enterprise-grade solutions. In today's world, businesses need seamless and unified VoIP communications for better productivity. Therefore, hiring an OpenSIPS developer becomes crucial for them. But how does an OpenSIPS developer help you unify your business VoIP communication? Let's see [...]

1201, 2023

The secrets of scaling up your business through FreeSWITCH development

Freeswitch development is about enhancing the potential of communication systems by building various communication appliances. In the VoIP industry, almost everybody is familiar with FreeSWITCH. It is free and open-source server software for real-time communication applications, including WebRTC, video, and voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP). The uses of FreeSWITCH Using FreeSWITCH, you can build PBX telecommunication systems, IVR services, videoconferencing (chat and screen sharing), wholesale least-cost routing, Session Border Controller (SBC), and embedded communication appliances. It supports ZRTP, DTLS, and Session Initiation [...]

401, 2023

Little-known benefits of asterisk solution in India

Asterisk is one of India's accessible and open frameworks, which provides flexibility in technical communications. The Asterisk is used to create both mobile and desktop communication applications. It's more of a business communication environment with internet-based calling. The Asterisk Solutions are essential for an entire business phone system, as they supplement the existing system or bridge the gaps between them. The main advantage of creating Asterisk solutions is that they can integrate with existing development tools, CRM software, and application [...]

112, 2022

Email Marketing: A beginners Guide in 2023

In current years email is the most secure and trustworthy platform for customers to connect with their desired brands. So attractive email marketing campaigns are a must for an emerging brand.  But creating appealing email marketing campaigns on a strict deadline can be a challenging task for a beginner. It is because it demands a careful mix of smart strategies and perfect execution. But finding that perfect match isn't a guessing game. You must do a lot of effort and [...]

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