Voice and SMS broadcasting to connect with your customers

Voice and SMS broadcasting is a crucial methodology to generate leads and improve the productivity of small businesses. sales, and get relevant information to their clients and customers in a simple, timely manner. It is a cost-effective way to make you connect with your target audience.

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Multi-Tenant broadcasting means to broadcast voice messages across multiple groups of users. VoIPTech Solutions provides Best in class multi-tenant voice and SMS broadcasting solution to clients across the globe. We give you a personalized experience by customizing our multi-tenant voice & SMS broadcasting solution.

We Ensure

Better Customer Engagement

The multi-tenant broadcasting solution offered by VoIPTech Solutions allows small businesses to use a particular mobile phone number as their customized caller ID. With this facility, you can easily enhance the client engagement rate of your company by sending personalized messages to them for promoting your products or services.

Flawless Campaign Management

You can manage your bulk SMS or voice broadcasting campaign easily with our complete multi-tenant broadcasting solution. Features like answering machine detection will help you predict the mood of the customer before broadcasting the targeted message. You can easily track the performance of your campaign with the performance tracking feature and instant report analysis..

Smart Functioning

The multi-tenant broadcasting solution of VoIPTech enables smart functioning in your business. You can easily import your data from the existing system to other ones with the Data import and filtering feature. The friendly UI and multi-language support will help you convince your consumers while broadcasting voice messages.

Key Features of Multi-Tenant Audio Broadcasting Solution

  • Friendly UI (User Interface)
  • Personalization of Messages
  • Integration with mobile applications
  • Answering machines detection
  • Multi-language Support
  • Real-time report analysis
  • Customized Caller ID
  • Data import and Filtering
  • Performance tracking