Don’t you think integrating virtual phone numbers in your call center would be a great idea? And how much a virtual phone number can be the best solution for your contact center sales and support? Because a virtual phone number is the only left out technology available that allows you to take and make calls from anywhere worldwide. So if you are having a virtual phone number, then you can easily answer any incoming calls with a single app over the Internet. Isn’t it really great news? 


However, for better management of the calls received by your agents simply switch to a virtual phone number. You can enhance sales, productivity and consumer experience by enabling call transfers, remote working and performance monitoring. Ultimately you can say that it is as simple as a single phone number. 


What is a virtual phone number?

When it comes to a virtual phone number, it is something which is not limited to a particular device at all. Apart from that it is an internet-based telephone system that allows the company to route the phone number to multiple devices which is also known as Direct Inward Dialling or DID. By different agents or departments, any call can be received. To avoid any confusion and streamlining the process, you now have a unique contact to provide to your customers. 


However, to communicate with the representative of your business a virtual number also shows professionalism and creates a single and easy path 

Various Features of virtual phone numbers:

To conduct various operations beyond the capabilities of a traditional phone line, below are the various features of virtual phone number listed:

  • Assorted Phone Numbers
  • Rerouting Calls
  • No Hardware
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Recording
  • Toll Free Number

How to use virtual phone numbers in sales and customer support?

For the installation of virtual phone numbers by an organisation one could easily argue. Below are ways whereby a company can strengthen its sales and support staff with a virtual phone number:


  • Track progress of marketing campaigns: Through advertising and marketing efforts consumers are already made aware of fresh products and updates. They mainly constitute a vital portion of sales forces.  With no established programme the different strings of marketing can be hard to track. So is it possible to determine the success of a promotional endeavour with no help of a third-party? You can evaluate the responses and feedback for every individual and can also allot certain extensions to individual marketing campaigns which saves your money a lot along with your effort otherwise spent on outsourcing.  According to the success rate you can use this information to invest or pull back from a campaign. And by analysing the data you gather, you can also understand the patterns of customer demand. 


  • Improve customer satisfaction:  For higher sales, effective customer support ensures repeat orders and a superior brand image. And every consumer you have is nothing but a potential query you might receive. You must ensure that everyone feels heard only by appeasing your user base. However, you might lose their attention on account of busy phone lines with classic call settings. To connect each call to numerous agents you could queue devices with a virtual phone number. You can ensure that each caller is guided to the best-suited department by using IVR Integration. Unnecessarily reroutes can be avoided which might annoy a caller and solves queries quickly, promising a delighted customer.


  • Ensure better quality connectivity:  With bad reception, nobody wishes to be on a call. However, it leaves a bitter taste of the communication along with wastes a lot of time as well. And on the telephone, several external forces can deter the quality of calls. However, on the internet no such issue is required to be addressed. And to enable better quality communication, virtual calls are not subject to any physical forces. Without wasting time on both fronts  seamless connection lets you address them. And never forget that a bad customer support experience is a lot more memorable than a satisfactory one.


  • Evaluate employee performance: For the larger success of an organisation, every individual effort is responsible. And for that each and every employee must contribute towards their target. You can observe the performance of each employee using the call tracking dashboard with a virtual phone number. For the same you can also make use of call recordings. While considering some operations you can analyse and delegate accountability where required, your workers are more vigilant under notice and also an award system can be implemented to boost employee morale. Lastly you can cater to your audience better as well as reach sales targets with the improved work ethic and increased efficiency. 


  • Ensure convenient remote working:   The trend of work from home or remote working is now boosting the 2020 events. For many companies on account of dependence on hardware, it has been a rather challenging shift. As the virtual number is not tied to any particular device you can rearrange the destinations of communication lines yourself. Considering no infrastructure is required to be relocated the setup is extremely convenient. Based on expertise with no geographic restrictions you can easily hire people as well. However, increased productivity and widespread communication are easily achieved due to the employees who still clock in hours of work. 


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