Email verification is now a compulsory process and that’s mostly verified with a phone number; here are the ways you can utilize the temporary or virtual phone numbers to verify your email. Even with the high rise of online chat platforms, one has to depend on email for a surprising number of things. But unfortunately, not every email service is completely free and those are free; have been gone much secure to protect from spam. Free email doesn’t mean you can have multiple free emails for no sense, whilst the user using it for free only with access to the internet, the free email provider is experiencing a huge amount of data in the data center which increases their effort and cost to maintain it. So, why do you need a virtual phone number?

However, the free email service providers have started to stop spam and the best process to do so is to link your phone number or verify through a phone number while creating a new free email account. Even if you have verified your phone number, you might face verification and which happens mostly with these cases; you are trying to access the email from a place or device which the server is unable to recognize, the verification of phone number is the way to get you into your mailbox.

Email verification has another face; you can’t use the same phone number to verify more than one account from a certain email provider. Think, if you have more than one active email IDs; you can access one using your phone number. What about the other active email account; how you will verify that?

A temporary phone number also called a Virtual number is a presumable option to consider, but can you get a text using the virtual numbers? This wasn’t earlier, as virtual numbers were only used for forwarding incoming calls to one of the pre-set telephone numbers. Nowadays, you can use the virtual phone number just like a real phone number and avail all the basic requirements like managing calls as well as texts.

A virtual number, also known as Direct Inward Dialing (DID), is a phone number without a directly associated telephone line. Rather than customary telephone numbers which are carefully bound to landlines or SIM cards, a virtual telephone number exists independently. The sole cause behind such a number is to give a solitary door to numerous inbound lines. The calls are then sent to any landline, portable, or VoIP gadgets in a pre-set example controlled by a supporter.

This is what the basic need of a virtual number is for a business or person. As modern technology enables the virtual number to receive texts, you can use them as a temporary number to verify your email accounts. There is another conflict that you might face, virtual numbers are available with the VoIP Providers and you can find a numerous number of companies or organizations to get a virtual phone number.

It doesn’t make a difference in the event of your need for a virtual phone number to verify email for private needs or for your organization thriving, simply contact us what sort of number you have to get and our support engineers will be helping you to get the required items to use a virtual phone number. Get in touch with us through Skype or online chat.

The bottom line is – In this highly competitive digital world, you can’t fight the odds without having a virtual phone number for your business. Most of the modern business phone services have already tested their success by providing a great user experience to their customers. So, why haven’t you capitalized on this technology yet? If not, then this is the best time to do it.

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