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With face-to-face turned out to be virtual, the importance of communication has become more than the merrier. It is the ultimate model of communication in 2021, and if you see this from a competitive angle, you have no alternatives to business communications. Do you have any? Well, the answer is a BIG NO. In fact, it is the only way now for businesses to stay relevant & connected with the clients. So, its importance has grown much bigger than yesterday. If you want to survive the Covid wave and sustain growth, you need to put some extra effort to solidify your communication channels, especially your current business telephony systems. What is the solution? With everything going cloud, Cloud Telephony will prove to be a game-changer for your business. With a Cloud Telephony system you have no boundaries to stay within, and the way the cloud technology is improving day by day, who knows where we will land in a year or two!

Paying attention to every available resource to communicate with your business has many advantages. Responding to customer calls deserves more attention than ever, and only cloud telephony has the ability and technological prowess to meet customer demands.

  • Integrated Communications System in Place: You can effectively streamline your day-to-day business activities and well manage the workflow with cloud telephony’s integrated systems. Each employee feels empowered and more capable, contributing to great teamwork that results in yielding better productivity. With advanced features such as; CRM integration, instant messaging, HD voice calling, and video conferencing solutions, and more – you ensure a more productive environment that is no less than the office premises, even 33% more output.
  • Introducing flexibility with better mobility: With work from home has become the new norm, organizations are focusing more on introducing new policies in order to provide better mobility with the flexibility to their workforce. With no timeline set for the end of the covid situation, cloud telephony is the only way out to achieve the business goals with better productivity. The technology has turned their mobile phones into their office, customers can reach businesses anytime. Any smart device with a good Internet connection is all that they need.
  • Communications control: Managers can’t be present at every desk to look up what their employees are doing, right? As traditional phone systems do not have the technical upper hand in terms of tracking all types of business communications. Cloud telephony put an end to the limitations by introducing its call recording features. All modes of voice communications are recorded and stored on the server for quality and analysis purposes. Later on, they can be also used for training purposes as well.
  • Better customization: As a business, you must learn to grow in an agile environment. You need to change your strategies as the situation demands. Cloud telephony solution allows you to customize things in your way.
  • Cost Savings: In a Covid centric business environment, cost-cutting can pay your best interest and strengthen your financial conditions. Cloud telephony eliminates those costly infrastructure requirements and maintenance costs, earlier than was the case with traditional phones. No mess around, no costly components – it is just the cloud and your employees.
  • Improved resilience & reliability: Natural calamities can bring down the traditional telephony system infrastructure, not the cloud (very little damages can happen on extreme solutions which are negligible). The data stored in the cloud are safe and can be accessed from any part of the world. Leave the worst scenarios, you can get started in a day or two.
  • More features mean new ways to connect with the customers: Cloud telephony comes with a pool of advanced business-friendly features that means new ways to connect with your customers. It provides you real-time call analytics along with call scheduling, IVR menu, call screening, missed call services, call routing, voicemail, sending bulk SMS, to name a few. These features help you automate the manual mode of working, freeing your agents to focus more on solving real-world problems.

It empowers both tour sales and support teams, as they feel empowered and are better prepared to handle customer queries. What else, the future upgrades will bring more good news for business communications.

  • Go green: As it is a completely cloud-based system, there won’t be any requirements for any energy-consuming infrastructure, ensuring zero carbon footprint. If you really want to make this planet a better place to live, switching to cloud telephony would be one of the most effective steps taken by you. No matter how big or small you are or what your business deals with, cloud telephony is the ideal solution for a captivating business entity.

If you are planning to make the best out of the current market situation and grab more opportunities, then going with the cloud telephony solutions will help you write a new chapter in your success story. It’s always better to ask a reliable VoIP service provider to do the setup. 

If you are a small-scale business with the right intent to make it big, then it would be the biggest plus to avail cost-savvy features and communication superiority. Larger organizations will keep optimizing. Learn more about the technology and different plans, at VoIPTech Solutions. For further queries, feel free to speak to our customer support team at: +91-6746828203.