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Have you ever thought about cloud technology? And how cloud technology can help in handling business calls? Well, sometimes YES, sometimes NO! Because cloud technology is a simple solution to take the stress off employees. However, to manage and upgrade a business’ package with little to no travel and maximized uptime a unified Cloud Telephony suite a lot.  Cloud technology helps to communicate seamlessly with the customers by having various challenges like sufficient resources, flexibility, and required tacts. And to bring a revolutionary change in the company and the customer interactions as well, Cloud Telephony is one of the best technologies. 

However, when it comes to arming your business with a strong communication system cloud technology is the only key to success. And to offer a seamless and happy customer experience, implementing Cloud solutions will automatically retrieve effective outcomes. Through innovative methods, most businesses are more focused on creating a superior customer experience. 

Below are some ways that lead to a higher return on investment during this pandemic while investing in cloud technology:

  • Secure a virtual number as a single point of contact:  Always remember that a virtual number can route all business calls to their personal number without letting customers know the difference since employees cannot check into offices to receive customer calls. However, to multiple extensions, all incoming calls can be forwarded. Undoubtedly it is wise to purchase a premium combination if you’re trying to grow your business and this is your first foray into virtual numbers, then. And the customers have more time than usual to scrutinize companies, due to this pandemic lockdown but at the same time while trying to meet ends whereas a business might be overburdened. And by receiving push reports with updated agents and call logs, remove potential obstacles in brand perception. 
  • Integrate IVR into work from home operations: When an agent’s sense of routine is upturned, handling high call volumes is really difficult. However, Customers might be calling in with a greater variety of queries and grievances, some of which a business may not be equipped to deal with. Well, in that case, to soothe these anxieties, an IVR solution can help out a lot. And to let your audience know your company’s current status just use pre-recorded messaging from professional voice-over artists and then let callers pick from a preset list of queries. After that, a separate option can be created if it’s a new query along with the calls which are then routed to a qualified agent who can best resolve it without the need for escalations. So creating a structured self-help menu is another option as phone conversations may not always be possible during this period.  
  • Opt for a missed call solution to boost sales:  However, for taking a toll on mental health, many employees may be worried about losing leads and reduced job performance. As the onus is on the business owner to make the best of the situation, it creates a cycle of negativity that’s tough to break. And a missed call service can help you efficiently track and reconnect with forgotten customers only if you see a higher number of dropped calls during the coronavirus pandemic. However, for every missed call you can receive real-time notifications, and send callers an automated SMS informing them that their call has been duly registered. 

Making it unwise to leave a single caller behind, remember that a consumer giving a missed call is one who is genuinely interested in engaging with your business and its services. And with targeted marketing initiatives store their information in your database to call back later.  

  • Create a toll-free helpline for the crisis:  However, to supply information, and aid in the transfer of essential services to the needy numerous emergency helplines have been launched by charities, individuals, and government bodies. And strengthen its infrastructure using a toll-free number if your business has the desire and capability for public outreach. And on the side of the caller, these numbers can be customized with vanity digits that stick to memory and incur no expense. You can permanently retire the number, or choose a different one for future projects only once your campaign is complete. So always remember that every business may have something to offer to relax the pressure on authorities, whether it’s healthy meals, free clothing, rations, educational documents, or any medical supplies. 
  • Use voice broadcasting to improve outreach:  Undoubtedly you have got a toll-free number, but how will the public know about what you’re trying to do? With a voice broadcasting campaign, it quickly connects with a large audience. However, a weighty customer database will definitely help which doesn’t require any pre-existing infrastructure. And multiple voice campaigns can be managed on a web portal with high-quality calls on an encrypted platform. And pre-defined message templates are being offered by robust cloud call center software. And with automation,  whether it’s a debut announcement, alerts, ongoing promotions, or important, time-sensitive messages, public outreach does not matter at all but will naturally be more successful. Daily reports on your active campaign and bridge the gap directly between interested callers and live agents is being provided by the call dashboard. 
  • Buy into a full bundle for cost efficiency:  However, in the next few months you might have secured hefty seed capital earlier, but with the Indian economy on unsure footing, cost-cutting measures might become the norm. However, to experiment with different kinds of business decisions there won’t be any spare room. And a business looking to buy cloud telephony software to leverage remote-working ought to purchase a fully stacked bundle instead of individual services same as the merchandisers, who usually buy materials at wholesale rates. 

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