Businesses that value three things – time, money, and customers are the ones that write history. Are you a business owner or entrepreneur? Well, if you are a business owner then nobody would better understand the importance of good customer service than you. It’s not only the mantra for business success but the most sophisticated way to make money & sustain growth. That’s the reason business leaders all around the globe are adding a cloud-based predictive dialer to their existing marketing strategy. How a cloud-based predictive dialer can help transform your customer service? Want to know? Here you go!                                                           

Making call center agents more efficient, having real-time interaction with the customers, providing a great customer experience 24*7, and better lead management to name a few cloud-based predictive dialers allowing businesses to make the best out of their available resources.

And, when it comes to choosing the right predictive dialer for business, you should keep your future needs in mind to make a well-informed decision. This article will definitely help you learn everything you need to know about these types of dialers.

What is a predictive dialer?

It is an AI-powered advanced software that can quickly dial a set of contacts, maintaining 100% accuracy, it can also return calls to your call center agents as well. It is specially designed to make accurate predictions regarding the availability of agents, send signals if busy, auto answering modes, and disconnect phones, and increase the pace of the outbound calling by connecting to the right person to communicate with the leads fast. You can call it the IVR for outbound calling.                           

It uses machine learning (ML) algorithms that save time and allow you to get the best out of your available agents and puts an end to callers’ wait times. Meanwhile, the software analyses the calls that are answered, calls that are dropped, agents acting on the desk, and more. It also filters out those calls that are unproductive, this way it allows employees to take the leverage of extra talk time.

You are available with both on-premise hardware-supported manual dialers and cloud-based predictive dialers instead. However, most modern-day businesses opt for the second option that is cloud hosted dialers instead. They often integrate their existing software with their call center solutions

Finding The Best Predictive Dialers for your contact center:

Before you opt to buy a predictive dialer for your contact center, you need to keep these three main criteria in mind: 

  • Advanced Features It Offers
  • Network Reliability
  • How It Can Provide A Great Customer Experience 24*7

Keeping the above in mind, we have come to a conclusion that a cloud-based predictive dialer is the best option for your business on the market. Because it satisfies all three criteria.

Why invest in a cloud-based predictive dialer?

With so many options available in the market, reaching a consensus on dialers that can fit your business needs & give you a great ROI can be difficult. But investing in a cloud-based predictive dialer can be a smart move for businesses of any type. Know why: 

  • If you’re running out of time: As a manager, you must be multi-tasking, right? Well, looking after everything from sales to customer queries, enhancing productivity and profit can be overwhelming – your plate must be full. Unless you have extra hours to train your agents’ to understand certain things, you can have a cloud-based predictive dialer instead that can help you get some great work from them.
  • Making Your sales team more efficient: With an automated calling system, call center agents are no longer forced to waste their precious time dialing customers’ numbers manually. This eventually helps improve agents’ productivity & accelerate sales.
  • Better Lead Management: With a cloud predictive dialer, you can unify your business communication by integrating phone, email, chat, mobile, social, and more into one. It empowers you to manage the leads in a better, even more, smarter way across multiple channels.
  • If you want to give a great customer experience 24*7: With Cloud-based predictive dialers you can contact your potential leads at the time of their convenience through multiple communication channels. Be it phone, text, voicemail, or anything else, they can reach you easily at any time. You can have a contact center that gives your customers a reason to smile rather than something that annoys them.
  • To Save on Current Operational Costs: Everybody loves to save, who doesn’t want to? By having a cloud-based predictive dialer in place, you can meet customer expectations with a fewer number of live agents.

Above all, a cloud-based predictive dialer lets you leverage all the benefits that modern-day technology offers by unifying your business communication channels. Your data is safe data and communication will go to the next level – what else do you need?

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