Do you know what Click-to-call exactly is? And, how the integration of Click-to-call solution will add up more productivity to your business? If you don’t know Connect with your customers, anytime with just a click. Because after browsing your website, a customer always chooses to talk with a representative for service or product queries. Isn’t it? So it’s your sole responsibility to add up a number to your website so that a customer can contact you anytime. The success of a business totally depends on the communication flow process. Because only smooth communication can clarify your doubts and make you clear. Generally, the communication channels differ from customer to customer. Where someone likes to communicate through social channels just like WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, Instagram, and at the same time, someone likes to talk directly to a real person.  

The click-to-call solution in Bangalore, India is a web technology that helps the customer to connect with a representative smoothly without any connection interruptions like call waiting or forwarding, simply by clicking a specific button, image, text or hyperlinks can connect easily. 

The click-to-call solution drives more leads. How?

Telephonic communication/voice calling is the biggest asset while purchasing something online. Because only a call communication can generate trust between the customer and the supplier. So click-to-call is the only option to make your customer believe you. Apart from that, there are various ways that can generate leads. Some are listed below:

  • Drive Leads and Increase Sales: Before purchasing something, a customer always goes for detailed research to clarify doubts. Because they have numerous options to go for, for which they need a clear mind before choosing. So if you are having Click-to-call solution, you can easily capture the potential leads by having call-back options and accelerate a company’s sales process.
  • Increases Sales Representatives Productivity: Being the unique way of driving leads, it’s also helpful for salespeople as well. And the amazing part is? By integrating a CRM portal with click-to-call makes the calling process simpler than before for the whole sales team. And the salesperson does not need to call manually by dialing the number, rather just needs to click on the call button to place the call. Isn’t it amazing? Apart from that, it saves a lot of time while making calls, as the sales representatives need to make hundreds of calls a day. And the risk of error is also very less as it is done by an automatic process, which increases the overall efficiency as well.
  • Less Call Waiting: Even after browsing through the IVR, the customer disconnects the call when they are unable to connect with the agent. Due to this, the customer became dissatisfied and diverted to some other brands which was a great loss to your business. Well, in that case, Click-to-call solution lowers the risk rate, letting the customers call back directly without going through the clumsy IVR menu. And also it makes the communications easier and direct with the live agent. However, it lowers the total disconnected calls rate too. 
  • Increases Business Efficiency: There are many service providers out there, just like VoIPTech Solutions who provide detailed reports along with Click-to-call service. And through these reports, you can analyze the number of call-back requests made on your websites. Apart from that, the call duration and call conversion recording can also be detected. Along with that, the failed call numbers can also be detected.   

Ultimately the demand for Click-to-call solution in Bangalore, India is growing. If you’re looking for a lead-rich website then VoIPTech Solutions is the ultimate destination for you! To get started, call: +91-8800221713. For more info, please visit our website: We will be proud to serve you!