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With almost everything going online, the global market competitive index is at a timely high. And, a great customer experience has become the key to business success. No matter what business you are into, without customers no business can’t exist – it’s a fact. And, if you are a contact center, then providing excellent customer service is the foremost. Here you will get to know how VoIP can Transform Modern Day Customer Support.

Between email, SMS, & other social apps, still, a big percentage of people prefer to have a conversation over the phone to get immediate help. As nobody wants to wait or does have that amount of time to get a delayed response through email and text. That’s the reason we need call center phone service to handle the tech support part. 

Exploring The Contact Center Types & Their Functioning Module:

You will come across different types of Contact Centers in all walks of life. A typical contact center deals with different types of customer interactions that include both voice calls and emails, whereas a call center is subjected to voice calls only. 

In general, some of the call centers deal with inbound and outbound calls, while others provide a specific type of customer support. The customer care numbers you dial to get assistance on a product or service are subject to inbound call centers. On the other hand, outbound customer support deals with doing market research, making promotional calls, pitching offers, discounts, etc. 

Why VoIP is Important for Modern Day Customer Support?

You might not be aware of this fact, but 80% calles would disconnect the call if they don’t get to speak to a customer care executive! Well, you do have AI-powered auto-receptionist and IVR options in place, but no technology can satisfy the customers the way a human being does. That means you need an advanced Call Center phone service that can handle any volume of calls, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. In addition to this, the phone you use must have the capability to connect all the telecallers with a customer care executive instead of keeping them waiting. 

Contact centers also play a crucial role in customer retention. The question is, why do customers leave an existing service provider? For another one that offers better deal & service, right? So, why not solve their queries and retain them? According to recent studies; companies can retain 87% of customers if their issues or queries are solved in the first interaction itself. There mustn’t be any instance of repeated callbacks to solve the same problem – happy customers’, happy you!

Scroll down to see how VoIP phone systems can transform customer support in any industry?

  • No Chance of Missing Important Calls: Do you own a call center or manager of a contact center? If yes, then no one would better understand the importance of customer interaction with a live person the way you do. Forget everything and just think about how you react when your calls are not being responded to? Everybody gets angry, and you aren’t an exception. Similarly, when your customers can’t reach you or their calls were not being answered, you can imagine how they would react. With call center VoIP phone service, you never miss a call from customers as you can answer them on the device of your choice. In case an agent is not present at the desk, that call will be forwarded to someone else who’s available to respond. If all of them are busy, calls can be directed to a group inbox to leave a message. 
  • Quick Response Time: No customer wants to wait, especially when it comes to getting a solution to their problems. Putting customers on hold & playing the passing game won’t pay in the best interest of your call center. With the VoIP phone system at your service, you can stay assured that no incoming calls are left unanswered. You can use the automatic routing feature of VoIP to equally distribute the calls among agents, so that customer queries can be solved quickly. 
  • More Flexibility: VoIP is not dependent on the location. So, your employees have not chained to a desk anymore. They can work remotely while staying connected with the office on the device of their choice. The best part is, you can have the most talented working from any region in the world. Your service is not restricted to your workstation anymore, where you are there you can work.
  • Cost Cutting: With so many expenses to bear, saving a ton with VoIP comes as a blessing in disguise in this highly competitive marketplace. In general, VoIP is much cheaper than your existing landlines. The money you save with VoIP Phones can be used to improve your business process and on other things that can benefit you in the long run.
  • Better Collaboration: With VoIP by your side, you have never been so far away from each other. You can host virtual meetings overcloud or do video conferencing to take a call on business decision-making. It keeps your workforce under one loop & facilitates better collaboration. Both businesses and their customers reap the benefits alike!
  • Evaluation of Customer Communication: You can record calls and analyze them later on to improve your customer service. These recordings can be used to train new agents. You can analyze the metrics and statistics taken out of them and use them later on for further improvement. This way you can also anticipate the customer behaviors and act accordingly. 
  • Easy Scaling: Today’s marketplace is unpredictable. So, you must have a phone system that can handle the extra volume of calls at a short notice. Because keeping customers waiting can cost you a fortune. That is not the case with VoIP Phone System, you pay only for what you use. You can easily downsize or expand the call volume according to your business needs. No more long queues, no waiting – quick response!
  • Auro-Query Setup: Although most people prefer to talk to a customer care executive. But that’s not always the case. Some might like to check their account balance or likewise. Waiting for the call to connect to know the numbers won’t be ideal. What you can do instead is, make use of the IVR feature. It gives a quick answer to some of the frequently asked questions like EMI dates, etc. It saves time & hassle of both your customers and agents, as customers don’t need to wait and employees can focus on answering more complex queries. From the business point of view, you are much more efficient than ever.
  • Easy Access To Customers: Sometimes customers would like to get support through email or text. VoIP phone service unified communication channel allows you to reach them through their preferred medium. By integrating WebRTC, customers can reach you with a single click.
  • More Sales Opportunity: Why need separate inbound and outbound call centers when you can handle it using a single channel. Yes, VoIP provides you with this feature that your support agents can use to cross-sell and upsell customers on different products and services. For example, suppose a person is having queries about a certain product and your agent has resolved the issue – at the same time, he/she can pitch information on other related products, services, and other related things. This helps build a more cordial & friendly relationship with the customer that eventually results in more years of partnership. 

Always do remember that the more satisfied are your customers, the more loyal they become. Especially at a time when customers only can support you to survive & stay strong in the Covid-19 wave. What are you thinking then? Switch to Cloud-based VoIP phone systems and say hello to the future.

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