Do you know that with the advent of better technology, how significantly the customer service standards have risen? And how Cloud Telephony solutions have changed the entire game due to the increasing demand for a contact center than ever before? And Cloud telephony ensures a well-managed and controlled service provider. And to ensure a steady customer experience, call continuity with Cloud telephony is an important factor. Because in this prime situation, a call center cannot afford a bad service at any cost. 

And when it comes to calling continuity, it completely refers to the persistence of a call despite any initial loss of connection. Or simply you can say that if a call gets disconnected on a particular extension, the system detects that loss of network and redirects the call to a backup number with an available agent.  

Below are a number of circumstances you need to take care of that could cause a loss of network connection when the consumer is on a call:

  • Total disruption can be caused due to some issues in or complete outage of a network provider 
  • Some connectivity issues occur due to bad weather conditions such as floods, rains, hurricanes, and many more. 
  • When calls are being handled on the cloud, power failures can also lead to bad connections as well. 


  • An unstable connection occurs due to minor network issues on both ends. 

However, the only solution you need is Call Continuity. It makes sure that the conversation never breaks in the middle, rather than being forwarded to another agent who can handle their complaints better. Well, by overcoming all hurdles your call center is able to deliver excellent experiences. 

How can You Improve Your Call Continuity with Cloud Solutions on one hand? 

When you are having a cloud telephony provider, you will never go through disconnected call issues. Below are the cloud telephony features that allows seamless communication and easy transition:  

  • Backup Agents:  Always remember that if the call gets disconnected, you really need someone to back you up. However, you need to have a sizable amount of agents on your team for this. And in case of any disruption, it will then be forwarded to another agent who is free and suitable to take over the conversation forward. And you can delegate the task of determining agent schedules and suitability to automation as well with an IVR service. Whenever necessary, the virtual assistant greets and routes the call to the right agent. 
  • Access to Information:  Have you thought when the call is being directed what will happen? The answer is quite simple, it has been taken care of by the second representative. However, to avoid repetitive reminders it’s really important to be up-to-date with the customer’s query, product information, and history. But while considering cloud telephony, all credit goes to it as all your consumer data is stored in a central location which can be accessed by different agents whenever required. Instead of making the customers relive the whole process, allow your agents to instantly gather data and understand their requirements. Allowing your team to answer more requests at the same time, it not only enhances the experience but also shortens the call duration. 
  • Remote Working and Portability:  Always remember that cloud entails complete possibility and portability which is one of the greatest benefits. And there is no requirement of extensive hardware or infrastructure to function as the cloud is an Internet-based system. However, maintaining call continuity is very important. And if they are located in the same region, your agents may suffer the effects of network disruption as a whole. And in any case, if a particular agent is facing any issues while connecting, then you can simply redirect to an employee with some better network option. 
  • Support Teams:  You are completely entitled to the providers’ support team that can back up any issues when you employ cloud telephony solutions. When it comes to calling continuity it is an important factor because it no longer becomes only your problem. While taking care of the avenues of your expertise, you can find experts to work at the back end as well.  
  • Switched Devices:  We all are aware of the fact that cloud telephony enhances remote working as well as mobility which ultimately allows freedom to the agents to choose their own device. However, switching between networks and devices becomes free and easier. If a particular device is having network issues, your agent can swiftly set up the call on another device only in case of call continuity. 
  • Database and Call Monitoring:  It is quite a task to navigate all calls and keep track of the systems in a traditional telephony setup. However, to monitor and track call flows Cloud telephony provides you with an admin database. Apart from recording calls for training and analysis purposes, you can also gain information on call statistics, duration, frequency, and initiation as well. However, you should be completely aware of the inner workings of your contact center only just to provide a good customer experience. 
  • Scalability and Easy Payments:  With more extensions and phone lines, you can allow greater call continuity. You can add systems quickly or relocate anytime with easy scaling up or down of Cloud Solutions. You can employ more features when you have more requirements. Now you can budget your expenditure as per your needs as most cloud telephony providers offer a pay-as-you-go system. So just stop worrying about overspending rather than focus on fulfilling your most urgent requirements.  


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