Basically, virtual receptionist software for contact centers means a kind of software system that is used to receive the incoming calls of customers. Virtual receptionist software is also known as a cloud-based IVR system. Nowadays businesses prefer to deploy virtual receptionist software for contact centers to reduce the human workforce and increase the productivity of their business. In this article, we will try to know the features and uses of VoIPTech Solutions virtual receptionist software for contact centers.

Top Features of Virtual Receptionist Software for contact centers:

  • Voice Recognition: VoIPTech Solutions virtual receptionist software has a voice recognition feature. It is one of the most important features of an IVR system. This feature allows call centers to provide their clients with a good experience and convenience in raising their issues. The voice recognition feature is capable of recognizing words, letters, numbers, and names. The pre-installed programming of the IVR lets the customer easily press a computerized instruction to know about certain products or services.
  • Database Access: VoIPTech Solutions virtual receptionist software has the ability to access various databases. This is an important feature that allows companies to address various issues of their consumers by allowing their users to interact with multiple databases such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc.
  • Voice Messaging: The software from VoIPTech Solutions has a voice messaging feature that allows callers to leave messages so that they can be contacted for their issues. The interactive voice response (IVR) system keeps these data in an organized manner.
  • Voice To Email: VoIPTech Solutions virtual software is equipped for conveying a voice message to any predefined Email address. Clients can see these messages via their PCs, mobiles, and smartphones.
  • Fax To Email: VoIPTech Solutions virtual receptionist software has a Fax to Email feature. This feature enables its clients to get and send faxes. It enables you to get faxes on your email ID thus you can get to it from anywhere.
  • Out Dial Capability: The out dial capability feature permits call centers outbound calling to call their clients. The progress out dial capacity feature of VoIPTech Solutions IVR gives you a variety of alternatives. You can pick the alternative to dial the customer when all your agents are busy taking other calls.
  • Dispatch Program: The dispatch program feature is fit for running another program or calls inside IVR when you wish. This feature can be utilized in a few down-to-earth courses including running scratchpad, virus scan; disk fragmentation, and backup.
  • Online Reporting: The web-based reporting feature has an easy-to-understand interface that empowers you to observe the caller’s data statistics. You can easily see the history and recording of your callers in an organized way through this feature. This feature can help contact centers to understand their customers and improve the quality of their products and services.
  • High Call Flows: This feature of the VoIPTech Solutions IVR system allows companies to manage high call flows. Contact centers often face peak hours where hundreds of calls come and the high call flow feature helps call centers to organize those calls in a fragmented manner. For each voice mailbox number, specific executives or departments will be there to address those calls on specific issues.
  • Touch Tone Detection: The touchtone recognition feature in virtual receptionist software enables Customers to browse a rundown of determinations like entering the stick code, enter the one-time password, and so forth. VoIPTech Solution’s touch-tone detection feature is fast and easy to use which encourages contact centers to authenticate their clients.
  • Call Transferring: VoIPTech Solutions virtual receptionist software has the call transferring feature that allows callers to interact with appropriate agents, senior executives, and managers without hassles. For example, sometimes customers don’t get satisfied with the agent’s assurance or clarifications. They wish to talk with any senior executive. Here the call transferring feature helps contact centers to transfer the calls of their customers to the right department/agent.

How Software Is Helping Businesses Across The Globe?

1.1 Answering All Phone Calls: Virtual receptionist software is helpful in managing calls for businesses. Nowadays businesses are deploying virtual receptionist software to not let any of their callers go without getting any response. Software with AI can be extremely crucial in the future.

1.2 Enabling Web Chat: Virtual receptionist software is not limited to calls only but online interactions as well. When customers engage through a website and seek interactions from agents via live chat, virtual receptionist software keeps them busy by availing them of the required information.

1.3 Allowing Scheduled Meetings: Virtual receptionist software easily detects when an agent will be free to take calls. This means you can easily schedule your appointments with your clients or executives.

1.4 Helping In Agent Training: Virtual receptionist software can keep the recorded data of client-agent interaction. This helps call centers to train their agents by availing them of the pre-recorded calls of senior executives or managers. Almost every call center uses pre-recorded calls to train their agents nowadays.

1.5 Helping E-commerce Sectors: The e-Commerce sector is one of the biggest marketplaces nowadays. Virtual receptionist software allows E-commerce stores to manage their customers’ orders in an organized way. From proceeding orders to ordering cancellation and refund are initiated by virtual receptionist systems.

1.6 Reducing Monthly Cost: The virtual receptionist software is hosted on the cloud. Therefore it does not require any bulky hardware deployment. It also helps businesses not to spend extra money on hiring human employees for addressing their clients 24*7.

1.7 Converting Generated Leads: If a customer is interested in your product, he needs to be addressed by you about your services, pricing structure, and policies. But it is not possible for a business to remain available every time to take calls from their customers. Hence the IVR system can do a great job here by providing the customer what he needs to know.

Why VoIPTech Solutions Receptionist Software is The Best?

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