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You can’t remain present everywhere 24/7, right? With so many things to look after at the same time, businesses these days find it really difficult to maintain the math between manpower and the cost of handling calls. Thanks to Virtual receptionists, the new age answering feature plays a great role in shaping customer service, freeing up live agents’ valuable hours so that they can take on solving some serious issues. How capable a Virtual receptionist is?


Coming to its capabilities, the live receptionist can do a lot more than just answering the inbound calls. From managing your calls to taking care of the customer’s queries, virtual receptionists add another layer to your professional behavior while greeting & dealing with customers of all ages in the most polite & sophisticated manner. However, without knowing the derivatives of a virtual receptionist, you won’t be able to discover what your business can achieve with it.


Why is a virtual receptionist the right choice for your business? 


One software that offers many solutions. A virtual receptionist can answer phone calls on your behalf, take messages from the customers, and book appointments as well. It allows small-scale businesses to utilize the valuable hours of a human receptionist to give attention to more valuable call volumes. In addition to this, organizations won’t need to hire new resources, train them, and pay them as full-time employees. No extra expenses and no unnecessary headaches.


What is the average pricing structure for a virtual receptionist?


It all depends on the service you want, the pricing is set according to the features you choose. Let’s take a look at some of the most common pricing models in the current market:


  • The rate on a per-minute basis: In general, the per-minute rate is determined by three factors; the features you choose and the volume of calls per day. The charges applied will be based on the nominal rate for your monthly subscription, the number of calls per day which is again subjected to the call volume, and the total number of hours it is being connected on behalf of your business.

  • Monthly subscription fee: Most VoIP service providers offer prepaid monthly subscriptions with pre-defined minutes. Basically, these minutes do not have an expiration date, the remaining transferred to the next month. Only a minimum is required to keep your account active.

  • Price depending on one tier: Some of the VoIP providers come with tiered pricing packages that allow businesses to prepay for only the services they require. Let’s say, if you need the virtual receptionist to guide your callers in the right direction and connect to the concerned person with a simple automated menu, you can do it with a lower tier, no need for the higher ones. On the other hand, services like answering the FAQs will cost you a higher tier.



Top reasons to go with a virtual receptionist:


With the right VoIP service providers, you can make the best out of your virtual receptionists. They can be easily customized to solve your phone challenges and other business needs. No need to hire more human resources for redundancy tasks, which can be taken care of by the virtual receptionist.


  • Take the pressure off from the agent’s shoulders: With customer call rates going higher with every passing day, it has become really difficult for small-scale businesses to tackle the unproductive redundant class with their live agents. These types of calls not only killing much of their valuable time but also their productivity while the frustration level to the maximum. Letting the virtual receptionist handle these types of calls, eventually, take the pressure off their shoulders to focus more on something productive and improve the customer satisfaction rate.


  • Enhanced customer CX: With a virtual receptionist in place, you can ensure that no call goes unanswered, thus gaining the customer’s trust. They are programmed to understand the customer queries and guide them to the destination like a professional, leaving a positive impact on their mind. You see a huge decline in call drop rates and live up to the customer’s expectations.


  • Offer after-hours support: Enterprises have the budget and resources to tackle the weekend and round-the-clock turmoil, but what about the small-scale businesses? Do they have somebody to answer calls round the clock or on weekends or after office hours? Here the virtual receptionist plays a crucial role, answering customer calls in the absence of live agents and keeping the customer believe in your customer service ethos.


  • Streamlining the appointment dates: Streamlining the appointment dates can be a hectic one, especially when it is not maintained by an efficient system. With the help of a virtual receptionist, you can structure your appointment schedules, by sending notifications to the beneficiaries regarding their date, timing, & all. It’s also a customer’s delight to know that their service provider is taking care of their part.


  • Add more wattage to your professionalism: Greeting customers with a never-tired, sweet voice represents your brand as a professional and sophisticated one. It gives callers a sense of relief knowing that they are dealing with a professional organization that at least knows how to deal with its customers. Happier customers, better business.


Flexibility and cost-efficiency are the major highlights of Virtual Receptionist that businesses these days can take advantage of in order to improve employee productivity and offer a great customer experience. As a whole, Virtual Receptionists offer you a complete package that gives your business communications a more professional and authentic look. No matter what you deal with, clear communication is the basic to expanding your business profitability and existence. 


After all, having someone at the reception 24/7 has its own benefits. The best part of having a virtual receptionist is, you can set up things easily without the need to buy expensive equipment, saving big on the monthly expenses that generally go for hiring & maintaining multiple resources. It would be better to go with an Indian VoIP service provider as their specialists will help you get things done without spending a ton. What’s more, within a couple of minutes you will have the capacity to solve your problem. It is uniquely intended to help new companies.


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