Don’t you think Bulk SMS could be the next big thing for SMS marketing? But HOW? There are many solutions available for your contact center which is quite effective and helps in customer base consolidation for sure but Bulk SMS service is the unified one. Because Bulk SMS is the only method that makes outbound access to the customer possible. And due to the hectic life of the customers, they really want to be specific in case of being alert.  

Usually, with all their interests out these SMS contain very short messages that customers read. Because when you forget or miss our appointments, it’s very annoying. Isn’t it? However, the only thing that can save you and your call center money and are really appreciated by your customers is none other than Bulk SMS. And to separate your call center solution from its competitors, SMS marketing helps a lot. 

However, there are two different types of bulk SMS marketing campaigns, namely, one is Transactional and the other one is Promotional.

  • Transactional Bulk SMS:  Due to transactional in nature, Transactional Business SMS is as evident from its name. To inform their registered users of the status of their transactions, this type of SMS marketing is typically done by businesses. Billing information, order status, and other such information are being included. However,  with the intent to inform and help businesses create more goodwill amongst their customers this type of business SMS is only meant to be sent to registered customers.
  • Promotional Bulk SMS:  Due to promotional in nature, Promotional Business SMS is evident from its name. To promote their products/services along with other promotional offers or deals businesses often use them. However, up to common advertising, the concept of Promotional Bulk SMS is somewhat similar. It enjoys very high open rates which is the best thing about Promotional Bulk SMS. So let us now discuss the business advantages of SMS marketing and why it is the next big thing in mobile marketing as now we are aware of the two types of Business SMS. 
  • Immediate Engagement:  As we all know within seconds that text messages usually get delivered. Usually has it on their person at all times, or are in close proximity to it along with the fact that everybody who owns a mobile phone.  Almost instantly, this way, business SMSs are considered to be read by the recipient customers. A market intelligence firm, close to some percentage of smartphone users checks their phone every day after waking up, while a maximum of smartphone users check their phone after 15 mins of waking up according to IDC. For instant and immediate communication, this evidently makes business SMSs the quickest medium. 
  • Higher Open Rate:   Usually direct mails experience an open rate of 91% whereas the average open rate of emails is somewhere around 27.2%. However, with a whopping 95% average open rate, it beats conventional customer engagement channels and their respective open rates with a considerable margin Bulk SMSs. For effective business marketing strategies, although emails and other customer engagement channels are still quite relevant there is no denying the fact that bulk SMSs enjoy greater open rates and immediate delivery and engagement.
  • Higher Engagement & Response Rate:  direct emails usually have a response rate of 3.42% is being revealed with a survey by Direct Marketing Association. And the customers are 5 times more responsive to SMS marketing, compared to direct email marketing which is being showcased by another survey by Mobile Marketing Association. However, responding to SMS is much easier for the customers and usually takes seconds, which is not the case with other marketing and engagement channels. The subscribing businesses enjoy higher customer engagement along with higher response rates are being ensured by Bulk SMS. 

To conclude, business SMS or Bulk SMS services and solutions used for marketing purposes can help businesses not only generate and maintain customer loyalty and goodwill, it also helps them to direct a more professional and feasible image to their customers. It also enables such businesses to enjoy greater open and response rates along with the ability to engage their customers immediately through a friction f

free and hassle-less communication channel.

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