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Did you know, the VTS Dialer increases the standard talk time up to 280% on an average as compared to its manual counterpart? If you are still looking for more reasons why VTS Dialer is one of the most popular advanced call center tools, then this blog can help you understand its importance these days. Unlike the present-day auto-dialers, what a predictive dialer does is, start calling the numbers that are designated next on the list. It takes some responsibility out of your agents’ shoulders as the next number is ready to dial before they are done with the previous call. The dialers let the agents have a fruitful interaction with the customers without wasting valuable minutes that eventually invested in listening to the busy signals or keep ringing till the person on the other end is going to pick the call.

Everything You may like to know about the VTS Dialer:


To your knowledge, Predictive Dialing is not a pre-defined standalone product as you avail a plethora of features along with it. The pricing structure depends on licensing options that are again divided into three parts: Live Agent, Floor Supervisor, and Admin. The most affordable one is the Agent license as compared to that of Supervisor and Admin licenses that comes with a bit of a price hike. The pricing also varies on the basis of the number of users logging in to the system at a time in order to make calls.

For example, suppose you are now operating with a strength of 80 people all of them working in different shifts, you need to pay for 40 people only. As other 40 people can use the same license for dialing.

The standard calling features for the outbound purpose includes:


  • You can dial using several modes
  • Advanced CTI capabilities
  • Most advanced CRM Software Integration
  • Real-time Call Analytics
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Pre-defined Scripting for Agents
  • Defined calling rules
  • Better management of clients’ list

Call centers or contact centers with 60+ live agents’ can go for the customized SaaS subscription that comes with a very flexible pricing model. Whereas on the other hand, small-scale businesses should opt for per user basis model.

VTS Dialer tool is a key part of the modern-day Call Centers whose operations are based on cloud-based software solutions. The Dialer makes the job much easier by quickly connecting to the potential customers that the agents are trying to reach out to.

If you calculate the same time, on average the Dialer increases the general talk time on a per hour basis that is from 20 minutes to 50 minutes. What does that mean to you? Goes high and at the same time agents can reach more clients that eventually results in better ROI. 

The notable features include:


  • Mode of Dialing with Multiple Options
  • Customizing Options for the Standard Calling Features
  • Agent Scripting
  • Powerful CRM Software Integrations
  • Mode of Dialing with Multiple Options: According to recent studies, those who use Diapers are said to be experiencing a steady decline in average working hours downtime by 40%. Thanks to the innovative features such as; Predictive Dialing, Progressive Dialing, Power Dialing, and Preview Dialing, for bringing the downtime to a minimum.


  • Customizing Options for the Standard Calling Features: VTS Dialer robust list management feature synchronizes the campaign automatically and shares the list among the live agents. It also features the callback that allows customers to select their own suitable time to get a callback from the agent. Call centers can add this feature to their website that empowers customers to be more specific about their inquiries. The best thing, you get enough time to employ the agent who is the best fit for taking the call that eventually increases the chase of client conversion and better experience as well.
  • Agent Scripting: Ask any call center managers they will tell you the importance of call scripting for inland calls especially. VTS Dialer offers you a number of well-documented sales scripts to choose from that are intended for a plethora of products or to make cold calls. This is highly beneficial for the amateur agents or the new recruits to excel at their selling approach by prioritizing the brand value at the top of their minds. The result? Better revenue share, faster query resolutions, and a great customer CX. In addition to this, call scripting is a low-cost, handy tool for training remote agents.

Admins have the authority to design the call flow in their ideal perspective – it is as simple as it is just drag-and-drop. You can write questions with suitable answers to them that agents can use while speaking to the customers. You can use HTML & JavaScript for the same – the choice is yours.

  • Powerful CRM Software Integration: Its integration facility with third-party CRM and SaaS platforms definitely eliminates the redundancy and empowers your agents to be more specific, by dealing with the clients in a more personalized way. The Dialer telephony has control over all the embedded data warehouses that are integrated with CRM, helping agents to select the dashboard of their choice. Agents now have all the info about the leads on their fingertips, whom to dial & vice-versa, and the numbers that need to be removed from the list. They can start the conversation where exactly they left no matter the drive they are using. 

While making the outgoing calls, the “Screen Pop Up” with all the information regarding the customers. Most importantly the notes made by the prior agents about those customers help agents better understand the customers’ perspective and provide appropriate solutions. 

If you are looking for a reliable VoIP service provider that can help integrate VTS Dialer software in your current support system, then VoIPTech Solutions is the right door for you. If you need assistance, please speak to our technical support team at: +91-6746828203.