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VoIP Technology keeps introducing advanced calling features, empowering call centers to operate at their best of the abilities to satisfy the callers. And, without mentioning the Sticky agent the list will be incomplete. You will find the application of this feature in most of the smart call centers that are known for their superior customer service. Let’s know more about this Sticky Agent.


What Is a Sticky Agent?


You must have heard of call routing, right? Well, if you are familiar with the call center or customer support industry, then knowing about this amazing feature will pay in your best interest. It routes a call or connects a caller with a person with whom he/she has already spoken earlier or shares a good rapport with or does understand the problem better. How does that help? Speaking to a person whom you know or you think can solve your problem without having to repeat the same thing time again don’t you think that it would be easy?


After all, repeating the same issues time again raises the frustration level of the callers as they think that the service provider is not paying attention to them and it is also a waste of time as well. But not the Stick Agent! You can term the feature as a customers’ delight and ensure a quick resolution to the queries. Be it the customer support campaigns or to win the heart of the callers by letting them know that you really do care for them, you can raise the bar of your customer service by providing a great experience 365 days, 24/7.


What are the Sticky Agent types?


Again it all depends on the call centers mode of operation. 


  • Loosely bind Sticky Agent: It connects the caller to the same support agents with whom they have earlier interacted. In case they are not available to take the calls or best for any reason, it routes the call to the agents from the concerned department.


  • Strictly Bind Sticky Agent: Its operation is based on certain functionalities that are run by designated protocols. It tries to connect the callers with the same agents whom they have spoken to earlier, if they are not available for any sort of reason, then it puts the calls on queue till the same person is available to take the call or just drop the call.


When integrated into the system, this feature can drive you better output and lets the skill of agents speak the volume.


Top benefits include:


  1. Reduces the call waiting time in the queue: Do you enjoy when you are put on hold for a long time in order to speak to a live agent? Of course not! Nobody likes to wait in a queue, and call centers are not an exception! Agent’s call database is pre-scheduled to handle different genres of customers whom they know and understand their problems better. Thus you can expect a faster issue resolution time and not those long queues.


  1. Saves valuable time: In this fast-moving world, every second count. If you value the time of your customers they will value your business. By connecting callers with someone they have spoken to earlier, you are eliminating the redundancy and providing a faster resolution that saves callers valuable time.


  1. Improves the First Call Resolution rate: Would you like to pay for a service that is responding late or that is listening to you carefully and solving your queries quickly – which one you will prefer? Most will go with the second option and you may not be an exception! Stick Agent provides fast call resolution by enabling the concerned person to get the solution, which requires no much hard work.


  1. Improves the client case management: If you want to reach a destination, would you choose the safest & fastest route or you just keep roaming? Of course, you will go first! The same thing is also applicable for the caller, Sticky Agent connects their call to the right person instead of keeping forwarding to different agents. It ensures the clients are managed with the utmost care and solution being received through the right channels.


Useful tips for the proper use of Sticky Agent:


  • You should apply the skill-based routing technique to route the callers who are calling you for the first time. Using high-end call center solutions is highly recommended.
  • If you are planning to run customer care campaigns, then going with the loosely bound sticky agent would be ideal.
  • Where on the other hand, the tightly bound sticky agent would be ideal for other business development processes that include; online marketing, lead generation, and more. A cloud-based call center software will be the best help
  • Always true to keep a check on all the KPIs in the real-time report obtained. It helps improve the performance and guarantees better outputs. 


Have you installed this innovative feature in your calling system? Not yet? Speak to the VoIPTech Solutions technical expert team at: +91-7008220621. They will tell you what is suitable for you right at the moment and what are features should be included in your current subscription.