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Known or unknown person? Who would you trust more? Not you alone, everyone would like to go with a person they know, right? It is universally applicable to all sorts of things and your business may not be an exception! After all, why would people invest their hard-earned money in purchasing & hiring a service from a company whom they hardly know! Just put yourself in the shoes of a customer and think, would you do that? Of course not. Trust is the key to any kind of purchasing decision, especially very sticky to the business world. It takes time to gain the trust of consumers, lots of interactions & pleasantries involved in the same. And, providing customer support is no different. Just the way you like to be spoken with your favorite people, callers also do like to converse with agents they are familiar with. It gives them a sense of relief, knowing that they are being taken care of by someone who understands them better. The result? They feel more relaxed & sound sweet over the phone calls, without having to repeat the same dialogue time again. This can be achieved if you employ the Sticky Agent feature. What exactly a Sticky Agent does?


You can draw examples from low-profile industries, where there are few resources allocated to deal with customer queries, and callers get to speak to the same person every time they call. But how businesses with larger prospects will ensure that callers get to speak or connect with the same agents? The sticky Agent feature comes to the rescue. The Sticky Agent leads to an enhanced customer CX, with faster resolutions and less conflict by connecting the cables with the agents whom they have spoken earlier or are familiar with.

What do you mean by a Sticky Agent?

When for the very first time a caller completes his/her interaction with your live agent, this feature does make sure the same person gets to speak with that agent for the next time onwards. If you are putting your customer relationship management above everything else, then this is the ideal feature for you. Industries such as: real estate developers, financial institutions, e-commerce, healthcare to name a few can be highly benefited. In addition to this, the emergency services, personalized travel advisories can offer more mutual & overall good service to the selected clientele.

How to iterate the Sticky Agent?

First of all, you need to configure the agent-based routing to handle all the inbound calls. Tagging of customer numbers to specific agents with their IDs as attached is also required. We will explain the further proceeding with a step-by-step approach:

Step 1: Know what you need. Didn’t get it? Let’s make it simple. Have a specific group of agents to deal with these types of calls. As they may not have got prior training to provide a more personalized approach to client conversation. Identity agents & give them training in this type of situation and route those calls to their IDs. 

There will be instances of calls coming from particular sources that require the proper understanding of the key aspects and the ways to deal with them. Prepare them accordingly, so that there will be less ambiguous situations. Conflict of interest, and more resolutions.

Step 2: Set the order for support workflow. Better you come up with a list of fallback rules for different scenarios. What if that particular agent is on leave or not available to take the call? You are left with options: you can push the call to the voicemail and ask for a callback or route the call to the available agents. The thing is, do they have prior info regarding the caller’s queries. What you can do is put a stick status on the caller, so that they can get to know the customer before they are put into the conversation.

Step 3: Define a set of rules for inbound/outbound calling: Actually what happens is, call centers do select different Stick Agents for inbound and outbound calls, and when a customer reaches out to an outbound number that person may not be assigned to answer the inbound calls. In that case, you need to define a set of rules so that the same person gets to answer in special cases.

Step 4: Do not forget to take feedback: There are many instances of customers not satisfied with the new agents that have been assigned to take care of their queries. If you fail to deliver then will look for another provider. To be on the safe side, always prefer to ask for their feedback so that you can serve them better.

What “Sticky Agent” feature can do for you?

Building trust and maintaining a long-lasting relationship are the key pillars of a business success and these two are achieved with the Sticky Agent feature. However, its benefits is not limited to these only, you can also:

  • Improve the query resolution time by knowing and having a better understanding of their You can speed up the resolution process and earn their loyalty.. 
  • Enhance the rate of conversion by allowing your leads/prospects to have a fruitful conversation with the agents they know or have spoken before. Those kinds of interactions always strive to draw positive outcomes, converting them into future buyers.
  • Maintain the consistency in service 24/7, 365 days. Agents feel more confident about their approach, knowing that they are dealing with a client that they get along with and it helps them develop a more caring relationship with the individuals.

Now, you must have a clear understanding of this crucial support feature. But who can help you get going with this amazing feature? Speak to VoIPTech Solutions technical expert team at: +91-6746828203. They will tell you what is suitable for you right at the moment and what are features that should include in your current subscription.