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Do you think your support is capable enough? Are they doing great or just need a push? Do you think customers’ complaining about not being heard is right? Or you are not being able to meet their expectations or solve their queries over phone calls? Well, you are not alone here – most companies are going through similar kinds of situations, do you know why? They do not have the Sticky Agent feature! This feature can help businesses in every possible way to enhance their overall customer experience to a great extent. So, how exactly the Sticky Agent helps?

With communication channels expanding and people prefer their service providers to be available on every channel requires added human resources. The fact of the matter is, often customers call the support team to inquire about the status of their request; “Hwy! I spoke to your agent yesterday and would like to know the exact status of the query raised by me. I just want to know what actions have been taken to solve this, and why am I not getting the service? And, the support agent from the other end replied – “We are really sorry for the inconvenience, may I know what exactly your query is and whom did you speak yesterday? This is the common scenario. But what are the solutions? Businesses often wonder how to tackle such customers and how to keep them satisfied!

Be it you or me, no one would like to hear these things from a business, right? And, repetition of the same queries leads to a rise in customer dissatisfaction rate.

Thanks to the Sticky Agent feature that allows a customer to connect with the same support agent every time he/she dialed the business. It helps the redundancy of queries, by connecting both parties that were involved previously.

With the stick agent feature, you won’t have to worry about these things at all. The feature is more tricky than you think. How? Keep scrolling down!

  • Do not let your callers wait longer: You have to accept that there is nothing more frustrating than being put on hold. Customers really hate to be put on hold in between a conversation. On busy or peak hours, most of the customers’ have to wait to get connected with the agents they already have spoken to, which is really a bad experience. What a sticky agent does is, quickly connect to the same agents whom they had spoken to first. This way you can significantly bring down the call waiting time, ensuring your customers do not cut the phone out of frustration.
  • No Repeating of earlier call scenarios: This benefits both the parties involved. As two people who know each other’s concerns connect easily, the caller won’t have to repeat the query again and at the same time, the agent does not need to ask again. By connecting the agent who already knows and understands the concerns, saves time and headache to a great extent. 
  • Issues can be solved in no time: Why customers contact your support team? To need your assistance to get their queries solved, right? It won’t make sense if they are not addressed in time. Businesses receive a large volume of queries on a daily basis, and without proper system management, those queries become too difficult to handle. The Trick Agent helps solve these queries in a quick interval of time, enhancing the overall customer experience to a great extent. When the call is connected to the right person or concerned department instead of roaming here and there all day, the query is solved in minutes.
  • Faster Point of Resolution: The customer expectations have definitely gone to a different level, thanks to ingenious solutions and advanced technology. Apart from everything, in this fast-moving world, people actually do not have time to wait or to put on hold. Why do they? If they are paying for your service and not getting satisfying results, why would they stick to your brand? In this highly competitive market, your loss can be someone’s gain! With the Sticky Agent, you can ensure faster call resolutions and better customer retention.
  • Call management is definitely bettered: Most of the calls receive negative feedback from the customers’ in post-call surveys due to agents’ solitary behavior or their inability to provide the required info. Reshuffling of agents can lead to a very unpleasant situation, resulting in a heated argument that eventually leads to loss of clientele.  The sticky agent ensures better management of call flow, connecting callers with the concerned departments so their voice can be heard. Thus, creating a positive impression in their mind. 

What are you waiting for? Have you installed this innovative feature in your calling system? Not yet? Always remember that customers are the key to any business success. Especially, the after-sales service can encourage them to spread a positive word of mouth that works in favor of your business and get you more sales. So, try to make your best efforts to make them stay with your brand, and a good phone call experience with a sticky agent will do the rest.

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