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With the increasing demand for customer service and lack of resources, businesses looked for an effective way to reach their customers without spending a ton. And, thanks to Robocalls for leaving up to their expectations. However, sometimes they can be annoying for most people as they find it too repetitive, resulting in spam numbers. Here in this article, we are going to tell you how to stop these overwhelming Robocalls with VoIP Call Screening and share with you a few statistics that you may find interesting. But before you jump into VoIP Call Screening, let’s first know about the source of these robocalls.


Who makes these Robocalls?


With the online world becoming vulnerable to threats, scammers are looking for new ways to access your personal info. However, not all Robocalls are meant to harm users, as calls coming from pharmacies notifying you and businesses promoting their products or sending you the latest offers are also included. But the rising cases of spam calls definitely raise the alarm. Let’s take a look at what the statistics are showing: 


  • They are commonly originated from network service providers, credit card service, travel companies, banks, promotional, and debt collectors.
  • The Robocalls count stands at 26.7 billion in total by the 1st quarter of 2021
  • In February 2021, the scam robocalls percentage increased by 14%
  • 20% of customers said they are getting more than four scam calls on a daily basis. 
  • Robocalls coming in the name of charity accounts for 7% of all the calls


Let’s take a look at some other statistics:


What is the percentage of calls that get answered? According to the recent studies:


  • About 22% of calls coming from the unidentified numbers were answer
  • 13% of the spam calls were answer
  • The average duration of these Spam calls were 23 seconds.
  • November 2020 recorded the highest number of robocalls, standing tall with 6.9 billion robocalls
  • With apps like ‘Truecaller’ detecting scam calls, 73% of consumers are now preferring not to answer those calls with coming from a spam ID. As a result, the callers using high-end technology called ‘Caller ID spoofing’ to represent them as a legitimate business.


 How are these Robocalls costing consumers money?


The solo motive of these robocalls is to loot consumers hard-earned money with identity theft. One successful robocall can cost people a very big amount. What do the statistics say? Let’s take a look:


  • Indians have lost approx. $11.2 million due to Covid-19 related fake calls as of October 2020.
  • Between mid of 2020 to the first quarter of 2021, over 70 million Indians lost a reasonable amount of money due to these robocalls.
  • During the pandemic, the money lost to these scam calls has seen a huge jump. reaching the decade high of 52%
  • Consumers aging 60 or above are the biggest of victim these spam calls


Are there any ways to block these Robocalls?


Well, there are various ways you can follow to block these types of unwanted calls. Here is how you can:


  • Instal Truecaller to detect spam callers before you answer
  • Try to avoid calls from unknown sources or websites, having an area code no familiar to your locality
  • Activate DND to get rid of these robocalls
  • You can also install RoboKiller to block spam calls
  • Do not click to open the suspicious links
  • Say no to unauthorized transactions
  • Ask your service provider to block spam calls to your legitimate number


Are there any chances of these Robocalls going away? Not at all, not anytime soon, and this is the naked truth. But following certain security protocols and staying aware of the fraudulent activities, you can ensure you don’t fall into the hands of spammers. If you are a business that is currently using VoIP Business Phones, you can take advantage of its call screening feature to add an extra line of defense against spammers.  


After evaluating all the statistics above, now you can definitely put yourself in a better position to check on these spam activities. Of course money matters, whether it’s $10. After all why would you give away your hard-earned money to someone else whom you do not know at all? It would be ideal to go with a VoIP service provider that charges between $10 to $20 dollar per month with all the necessary features including call screening.


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