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Are you a small-scale industry flagship business that wants to create a market niche for itself? Do not have a budget for an enterprise-level VoIP Phone System? You might opt for adding your personal number in business contacts, but that will present your venture in negative sheds, making it look less worthy. You were stuck in a situation where you would like to have a dedicated telephone number for your business, but you either don’t require it as of now or can’t afford the heavy cost of international toll-free numbers. So, what is the solution, if any? You can go with the free business phone numbers available from certain VoIP providers. Free business phone numbers are probably the most economical way to avail all the benefits of an advanced business phone system without having to buy all the necessary equipment and make those complex settings with the burden of added costs.

So, what exactly are these Free Business Phone Numbers? What features do they offer?

The Free business phone number is an additional number that you can use for business contact purposes and is completely different from your official number, home use, or personal cell phone numbers. The best part of having these numbers is, you can avoid the time taking complex sign-up process.

Free business phone numbers come a number of features that include:


  • It lets you take incoming calls and make outgoing calls within that country
  • You can use the WiFi to send text messages
  • You can also use the Voicemail
  • Call forwarding feature is available
  • You can use the call blocking feature to block certain numbers
  • The Caller ID will display the identity of the callers

What are the benefits of Free Business Phone Numbers?

  • It the best alternative to show that you are a genuine business, without having to give your personal phone number instead
  • You can make unlimited calls within that country, using the wireless networks
  • You avail yourself a number of user-friendly features that have a very simple interface
  • It definitely helps newly established businesses to appear more authentic in front of the audience by having their own business phone number

What are key points to consider while choosing the best Free Phone Number Providers?

Keeping the standard features and functionalities in the mind, listed below are the key points that will guide you to find the best in the business:


  • The VoIP providers should have been offering a free plan at least with the required business calling features, along with a paid offer
  • There should not be any limit to the WiFi calling
  • The VoIP providers at least offer you an additional communication channel for business use, be it the video calling solutions, text messaging, to name a few.
  • The call forwarding feature is a must
  • Multi-device communication must be allowed so that agents can make or take calls using devices of their choice
  • The provider should be allowing multiple carrier networks

Why VoIPTech Solutions?

If you have a look at the features that VoIPTech Solutions are offering along with free calls in India, then definitely it will be the go-to choice for small-scale businesses. Its cloud-based VoIP telephony solution allows end-users to make/take calls on their business number, using their smartphones and web browsers. Your smart device becomes a portable system that you carry along with you to stay connected with your customers.

In addition to making audio calls, you can also send/receive text messages via SMS, make quick voicemail set up, and use the call forward service to connect multiple devices on the immediate effect so that you can simultaneously ring the numbers in use. No matter which device you’re using, be it Android, iOS, or your home phone, all connected devices to that business number will ring at the same time.

The best part is, you are allowed to specify the local area codes you want for those numbers in order to sound more local. And, not to forget its free voicemail transcription feature. It certainly helps those high-volume call centers that see a huge spike in call volume in certain business hours and want to set callbacks on a priority basis.

In order to get a free business number, what you need to do is try VoIPTech Solutions FREE $5 credit and get going. Its free plan comes with a set of additional features that include:

  • Call blocking feature to block suspicious accounts
  • Spam filtering feature to detect spammers and block them
  • Call screening feature to screen the inbound calls
  • Text to call searching feature
  • FREE multi-user conferencing solutions. The maximum numbers of users allowed are 4
  • voicemail-to-email transcription feature
  • You can also apply the DND (Do Not Disturb)
  • HD Video calling solutions


VoIPTech Solutions is the best choice for the local small businesses that want to save on cost while getting recognized by the audience at the same time. 

Should I use a Free Number?

As of now, free business phone numbers can be a great help to those organizations that want to take their business to the next level. However, once your business grows, you would require to upgrade your current plan and buy a new VoIP Minutes plan to avail advanced features to establish unified communication.

With paid VoIP plans, you get access to new and advanced features like auto-attendants, Virtual numbers, intelligent call routing, automatic dialing, Call center software, CRM integration, Click-to-call, IVR, to name a few.

VoIPTech’s VoIP solutions certainly let your business stretch its reach and explore new markets, building a better clientele & brand loyalty. With us, you avail legitimate virtual phone numbers from over 165 countries around the globe that are included in our VoIP plans. Our paid plan starts at $10 per month and includes features that highly benefit your business. Our VoIP services come with an extensive range of features to meet your business requirements. Sign Up and get FREE $5 credit today! For more info, call: +91-6746828203.