Why choose YII

Simple and Effective

The best part of the Yii framework is that it’s easy to install and configure. The simplicity of this PHP based framework makes it one of the good choices for web developers.
Though it is simple yet it’s an effective framework for businesses, as it is a pure OOP framework, and is complemented by some advanced features of PHP like late static binding, SPL classes and interfaces, and anonymous functions.


Yii framework is highly scalable which means it can be tailored as per the need of businesses. For small businesses, this framework can be very extensible in order to let them sustain in a competitive environment.
At VoIPTech we provide scalable Yii development which suits the budgets of start-up enterprises. It will not only help businesses save money but their time also.

Highly Secure

Today web security has become a crucial part in IT industries. Yii Framework is considered as highly secure among developers due to its great security features. With Yii framework, enterprises can create secure web applications with some of the important methodologies that Yii brings. Among these methods, generate Password Hash, Validation of Password and Generation of the random key are the most important methods to help businesses making their websites secure.