Why Choose WebRTC?

It’s Independent

Once you choose WebRTC, it will empower you with the independent communication facility which means a WebRTC powered browser can connect to another webRTC device without depending on the operating system of the device.

It’s Reliable

WebRTC is a reliable open-source platform which can adjust to any network changing system. The most important part is that it helps to avoid server-relayed media which enhances quality. WebRTC has many other aspects that make it a great platform such as it reduces the server load etc.

It’s Secure

WebRTC supports video and voice encryption which makes it one of the most secure platform. Using secure RTC protocol it not only encrypts video and audio conversations but also authenticates them. When you are on a Wi-Fi network this can benefit you and prevent eavesdropping.

Key Features of WebRTC Development

  • Auto Call
  • Gsm Call
  • Text options
  • Voice Call
  • Web Callback
  • Force Off-net Call
  • Video Call
  • Call Through