Why choose OpenSips?


OpenSips framework is an open-source platform which allows you to have more control over it. It can run on embedded systems and can handle 5000 call setups per second. It can also serve over 300 000 online subscribers in geographically distributed VoIP platforms. It can be scaled up for large enterprises as well as scaled down for small businesses.


OpenSips framework has many advanced security features that it can help any kind of small business to tackle with hackers and fraud activities. You can apply anti-fraud mode or enable TLS for clients to make it secure as per your needs. There are many features in OpenSIPs which allows you to see how to block unsuccessful authentication attempts. Overall it is secure and reliable for your business.

Cost saving

Open source basically implies that an item is totally available from a design and execution viewpoint, and can be circulated for nothing out of pocket. It does not require any extra installation or hardware charges so small businesses can ultimately save their money by using this framework. At VoIPTech we ensure the minimum expense and maximum results with a real-time OpenSIPS solution.

Key Features of OpenSIPs Development

  • robust and performant SIP
  • support for SRV and NAPTR DNS
  • multi-home and multi-domain support
  • XCAP support for Presence Agent
  • ENUM support
  • load balancing with fail over
  • logging capabilities
  • dialog support
  • UDP/TCP/TLS/SCTP transport layers’ support
  • SRV DNS failover
  • digest and IP authentication
  • CPL – Call Processing Language (RFC3880)
  • PERL Programming Interface
  • least cost routing
  • modular architecture
  • XMPP gateway
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • IP Blacklists
  • Presence Agent support
  • NAT traversal support for SIP and RTP traffic
  • Java SIP Servlet Application Interface
  • support for replication
  • multiple databases