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So finally — you are switching your Business Phone to VoIP. Maybe you’ve heard something good about the VoIP Phone System from your corporate friends or off late but realized the benefits of VoIP. If that’s the scenario, then it’s a great move.

With so many features & their amazing benefits to count on, deciding on particular VoIP Providers can be a tough task. Also, businesses differ on their priorities and you might not be an exception. So, before opting for VoIP Services, you must understand what your business needs. Below are eight key points that you should consider:

  • No Bonds, Only Good Service: What small & mid-sized businesses need is flexibility & freedom – no bonds, commitments, or service agreement. Always opt for a service provider that gives you complete flexibility over your choices & never compromises on quality. You can add new users at a glance or delete the old ones & make changes to the services as per your need.
  • Unlimited Minutes: Do make sure your basic needs don’t get lost in the sea of features that include the Unlimited VoIP Minutes. Consider buying VoIP minutes that come with a reasonable price tag based on your requirements & also keep the geographical domain in mind. Here are a few things that you should keep an eye on while buying VoIP Minutes:

             1.All-inclusive cost of the VoIP calling plans, the features it includes, and available routes

             2.The clarity of the voice, video quality, & overall experience of the   inbound/outbound calls           

             3.The speed & consistency of the networks

             4.The response time to a certain request, on-demand services, & technical  assistance

       You should try VoIP Tech Solutions demo calls just for $5. It’s good & reasonable.

  • Remote Access: VoIP in its true sense is not just limited to office premises only, it gives people the freedom to work from anywhere. You can make or take business calls, check your voicemail, text, transfer calls, attend video conferences, schedule calls, and could do a lot more, using your personal devices. With a simple app integration, you can enjoy all the features with the location flexibility of a smartphone, while separating your work calls from your personal ones.
  • High-end Features: It must-have features that can take your business communication to the next level, that too at no extra cost. With advanced tools like – Virtual Receptionist, Call Rerouting, Conference Bridge, Auto-dialler, Voicemail, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Dial-by-name, Call Recording, & more, you can improve your business operations, increase the efficiency of your agents, & give a more pleasant customer experience.
  • Hassle-free Setup: Every organization may not have a dedicated IT/Networking team. So, a phone system that is easy to set up and manage would be an ideal choice. A VoIP Phone System does fit that equation in the best possible way. Account setup can be easily done through the given online portal and you will be up within 15-20 minutes. Further upgrades can be done by accessing that online portal and you could do it from any corner of the world.

With Cloud-Based Business VoIP Services, you can centralize your business communications and have better control over your workforce, no matter where they are working from. To buy Low-cost VoIP Minutes, contact VoIP Tech Solutions: +91-8800221713.