Farming is considered the bread & butter of India. Since ancient times farming has been the most important part of this great nation. It is the largest sector that covers almost 70% of rural households in the country. But with changing needs & demand for innovation, the farming sector has to go under massive transformation. Now the Agriculture sector requires modernization due to the changing climate and natural imbalances in the soil, and Farmer Helpline Center playing a major role in providing necessary information to crores of farmers’ across the nation. What exactly does Farmer Helpline Center do?

If we see the current policies of our government, we will find a very futuristic approach to uplift the lives of farmers. The soil health card can be considered as one of the advanced things that have been implemented for the farmers in India. But yet there are many issues that need to be addressed by using information & technology. And, contact centers doing the job efficiently.

The basic issue of the farmers in India is that they need to be heard. Though there are numerous helpline centers, yet they are not that efficient to address all the issues of farmers. If you can envision Modern Farmer helpline centers with advanced call center software & Free VoIP Minutes, you might be able to leap miles ahead in the path of growth and development. But to do this we need to figure out some basic requirements to set up robust helpline centers across India.

Below listed are basic Call center requirements that can help transform the Farmer Helpline centers:

  • CRM Integration: In this list first comes CRM software. CRM Software is generally used to manage customers’ data. In the agricultural sector, CRM software can be used to keep the data of all the farmers who give calls to inquire about agricultural products and policies. This can help Farmer helpline centers to keep the data of all farmers across India and forward it to the Ministry of Agriculture. Without corruption and middlemen, things will be dealt with transparently if CRM software will be used in the agricultural sector.
  • Making The Best out of The Voice Broadcasting Software: Voice broadcasting is a process through which pre-recorded calls are made to the mobiles of customers. This technology can also be used in the agricultural sector of India to help farmers. In Farmer helpline centers, voice broadcasting software can be deployed to inform farmers about the cost of crops, weather, and soil-related information, and new government policies instantly. With Voice broadcasting software, millions of farmers who use mobiles can be addressed which will help the government to solve most of their problems.
  • Integration of IVR System: IVR System is used to address customers via computerized voice and pre-installed information. It can be utilized in the agricultural sector to enhance customer satisfaction rates. It will make the Farmer Helpline service available 24/7 for farmers. It will also not be possible for the government to employ human agents all across the country. Therefore the IVR system can be deployed to address farmers without the absence of agents.
  • Advanced Call Tracking Software: Finally, it’s time for Call tracking Software. Call tracking software is used to track the quality of calls in call centers. This system can be used to set up Farmer helpline centers that can easily keep track of the issues and queries of farmers. Sometimes farmers also give suggestions that fail to reach the government officials. But by call tracking software, important suggestions can be easily tracked and forwarded to the government authorities to discuss. Call tracking systems can also utilize the data from CRM software to filter those calls that are important and need to be addressed immediately.

The Bottom Line:

India is emerging as the fastest-growing economy in the world with a sea of opportunities. But we need to do a lot to improve the conditions of farmers in our country. We have all resources and creative minds available in our country which we can use to modernize our agricultural sector. We are known for our software development and if we can utilize it to benefit our farmers, there will be no greater achievement than this for us.

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