Have you ever thought about what was the first thing that occurred to your business especially to your call center when the government declared lockdown? Well, it’s quite hectic to decide because of some mixed feelings like a slight pinch of tension along with some mild happiness. And that happiness comes only because of being connected with your colleagues only through virtual meetings. Isn’t it really cool? Because every call center solution is connecting through virtual meetings due to the pandemic of Covid-19

However, for that purpose work from home culture was already prevalent. As the digital era has made it quite easy to hold video conferences, to avoid those circumstances go for virtual meetings. Make your virtual moments at work less painful along with more efficient and inclusive virtual meetings

What Exactly Is a Virtual Meeting?

To accomplish a shared goal, virtual meetings are a technology that helps individuals in various locations to connect at the same time. However, virtual meetings do not need as much prep time as virtual events. It is nothing but an audio and video component and is not simply a voice connection. 

Below are a few tips on how to run an effective virtual meeting:

  • One-on-one meetings: Always remember that an integral part of our culture is connecting regularly, building rapport, and coaching and mentorship must be fully prioritized in one-on-one meetings. In a remote setting building rapport can be difficult. But it can be tempting to delve right into the agenda and content while considering a virtual one-on-one.    
  • Team meetings:  Operating in a remote-work environment can feel leaders make a conscious effort to engage everyone in the conversation, and vary the approaches used to help the team align and achieve. However, infusing variety into the ways they communicate with their team meetings is a great opportunity for leaders. And for bonding and developing rapport the event was a great opportunity. Lastly, everyone felt included and supported which is most important. 
  •  Virtual events: Now most companies are transforming some of their planned in-person events to virtual ones. In a virtual environment reaction, a difficult reaction might be to replicate the in-person event as closely as possible.   
  • All-hands meetings: For business updates all-hands meetings are a primary outlet. It is not business-as-usual and all-hands likely shouldn’t be business-as-usual either during these difficult and uncertain times. So rethink the format of your all-hands meetings and ask yourself whether it’s oriented around employee well being which is quite important. 
  •  Virtual presentations:  During virtual meetings, technical hiccups are almost inevitable especially when they involve multiple hand-offs between different presenters. So remember that it’s not so much whether technical glitches will occur or how many, but rather how meeting presenters handle them.  

Advantages Of Virtual Meetings:

  • Most of the people used to use it as it is quite inexpensive.
  • For attending a virtual meeting, the travel cost is zero.
  • People who do not have the opportunity to one another just bring them together. 
  • People out of the office traveling to a physical meeting have zero productivity loss.
  • Virtual meetings can be conducted being anywhere if you are having an Internet connection. 

Different Kinds Of Virtual Meetings are there:

  • Teleconferencing
  • Video conferencing
  • Web conferencing

More effective virtual meetings from anywhere:

Even in the best of times, never forget that running effective meetings can be challenging. And as of now the way your team approached meetings in the past won’t work the same way in a remote environment. Just take a minute to reflect back on these tips and consider how you can adjust the agenda or format to better align with your remote audience before you hit send on your next calendar invite. Apart from that, it will help your team feel even more seen and supported along with taking the extra beat to make conscious changes which will ultimately sharpen your content. 

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