What do you mean by speech recognition technology? How does it work? Well, let us help you understand speech recognition technology with basic details. It’s the unique capability of a software program or machine to pick particular phrases or words out of a general conversation or natural speech over a phone or any other medium and then converting them into the machine-readable language or a format that can be understood by the machine. It is a great application to handle incoming calls efficiently in huge volume call centers. Isn’t that great?

You would come across a number of sophisticated forms of IVR Systems that make use of this innovative speech recognition technology, allowing callers to interact with the system itself, putting an end to pressing different buttons on the phones. The technology is used with many other call center applications as well that include:

  • Voice search
  • Voice command dialing
  • Voice-to-text
  • To route the incoming calls

The best part is, the Speech recognition technology can easily identify individual voices as well. So, recognizing a person from his/her voice sample is made easy.

In which areas can Speech Recognition Technology be used?

This technology can be really beneficial when it comes to providing a great customer experience 24*7. It’s also an ideal application to reduce cost and boost productivity. That’s the reason voice recognition is the #1 choice for contact center solutions. Experts call it the latest sensation in the market in terms of technological advancement due to its unique abilities that take call center service to new heights.

In recent years, especially in 2020, the technology has been a go-to choice for businesses all around the globe, making call center solutions reach millions. In addition to its key aspects, the technology has a far wider audience acceptance due to its dictation capability. Users can create documents without any hassle and have better control over their devices by simply giving a voice command, thanks to its technical prowess and user-friendly features.

Document creation has never been so fast & easy before the advent of this technology. Why? The software’s unique ability to produce words along with speech makes it users’ cup-of-tea. The speech recognition software not only helps users with its powerful dictation solutions but also empowers businesses of all sizes to effectively manage a huge volume of transcription tasks, like producing a bulk of various legal and healthcare documents. Modern-day businesses can get the best of their available resources by installing this highly capable software.

In addition to this, organizations that deal with service mainly can take their customer service to the next level by enabling optimized self-service with the help of this highly reliable voice recognition technology. The result is an increased customer satisfaction rate and reduced overall costs.

Now, callers find it easy to access data or information of different types that include the reason behind a particular call, account numbers, caller identity, to name a few. All the above things are possible because of this software’s capabilities and that too without any human intervention – you can do all these with interacting with the contact center agents. This has a huge impact on the outcome of a call center, as callers do not need to remain idle while their calls are put on hold, while agents are busy with other calls.

Speech recognition technology has the ability to keep the callers engaged is a plus for contact centers of any size. And, it’s the best thing to happen when agents are available on the desk to take a call. The technology is a blessing in disguise for contact centers to save a ton.

How can it benefit your organization? 

Keeping the right balance between cost per call & customer satisfaction can be an overwhelming task that almost every call center faces these days. With the integration of sophisticated speech recognition technology, call centers can reap the benefits all of a sudden. Following are:

  • Promote sophisticated and more of a human-like chat that makes self-service customer-friendly, ensuring a great customer experience 24*7.
  • Takes self-service to the next level with a higher degree of customer satisfaction that eventually results in more revenue generation
  • Allows call center agents more free time so that they can concentrate on more complex & priority basis organizational tasks.
  • You get access to real-time and dynamic data from its collection that include callers name & address.

Why do most call centers prefer this technology?

What are the perks of using advanced Speech Recognition Software?

  • Enhances data security by restricting call center agents’ access to critical information during the data processing stage.
  • Simplifying the complications of an IVR menu, turning it into a user-friendly system.
  • Ensures the highest degree of customer experience 24/7, higher satisfaction rate, and reduced overall operational costs.
  • Callers can easily connect to a live agent, instead of getting stuck with the menus.
  • In general, this software is compatible with a number of operating systems that are important to call center function and voice standards as well.

So, how much do you rate your current customer service? Is it getting affected due to Covid-19? But are you doing enough to improve your customer satisfaction rate? Well, keeping the current scenario in mind, the only way to sustain growth and make a profit is directly proportional to your customer service. Hope this pandemic won’t last long, but it must have let you understand the importance of customer service, right? Most of the modern business phone services have already tested the success by providing a great user experience to their customers with VoIP solutions. So, why haven’t you capitalized on this technology yet? If not, then this is the best time to do it. 

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