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If you are a small-scale business, then the probability of getting used to or already have the cloud technology for business communication is high. According to recent studies, 95% of companies use cloud-based technologies to establish business communications, ranging from VoIP phone systems, & call center software to CRM integration and IVR systems to name a few. There are many cumulative advantages for preferring cloud-based systems over premise-based communication solutions, starting from saving big on international calls, omnichannel solutions to low maintenance, and the upper hand in security checks. And, what could be better than taking the first step towards more advanced business communications with cloud IVR systems! So, what exactly is cloud IVR?

Don’t know what cloud IVR is? How can it empower your small venture?

Let’s go in detail;

Cloud IVR is the most advanced version of the SaaS solution that is not limited to calls only. As it empowers people to make payments, allows callers to connect with the right person, and can do a lot more with auto-generated voice prompts. It is backed by pre-recorded call menus that assist callers to proceed further; for example, it will guide users to press certain buttons to reach their destination, or briefly tell them what to do next. Customers have the option to respond back verbally or by simply entering the numbers, using their phone keypad.

What’s new?

Cloud IVR can predict the caller’s behavior from their actions and connect them to the right person or concerned department. The IVR system combines the power of three most advanced technologies such as; Dual-tone multi-frequency) , intelligent voice recognition, and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to make these predictions right, taking user experience to the next level.

How does it benefit small-scale industries?

Though businesses from all walks of life varying industries benefit from IVR solutions, however, small-scale businesses are the biggest gainer using the technology. How? Let’s call the call center operation as an example; they do not need to hire more resources for customer interactions, IVR systems can do it on their behalf. With a plethora of advanced features, these IVR systems can certainly improve the customer CX to a great extent, making them self-sufficient with IVR menus. This way you can bring down your operating cost to the year low and improve the standard of operation.

  1. Operational Cost Savings: According to the recent financial data, the average cost of cloud-based solutions is just $800 per line which is $660 less than its traditional counterpart. In addition to this, you can bring down your overall average cost per call to a minimum, mostly equal to 41%.
  1. Improved Customer Experience: No one wants to wait till their issue is tracked and successfully solved if they can solve it on their own. If they can check their account balances, pay bills on their own, get the info they require, and book appointments without needing help from a live agent, then their experience is certainly enhanced. 
  1. Increased Agent Productivity: Agents are the biggest beneficiaries of cloud-based IVR solutions. Why? The rate of the first-call resolution has certainly increased to a great extent. So less repetitive call, more real-world problem-solving capability.

The businesses that should include Cloud IVR:


Actually, there is no category for the section of the audience that could benefit from Cloud IVR, as all sections of business benefit from the technology. There are certain use cases companies may find a good fit for their current business operations.

Common use cases include:


  • Organizations that deal with energy and other utility services can make the payment quick & simple with easy options, notifications.
  • Online shopping sites can use IVR for easy order verification and track the shipping updates, solve return queries, and notify them on the arrival of special deals.
  • Marketing departments of organizations can organize online surveys to determine the customer satisfaction rate, make outbound calls to ask customers if they are interested in offers/campaigns and track the areas that need to be improved.
  • Hospitality/hotel management can give their customers a pleasant surprise by aut booking and cancellation facilities. They can request certain services and ask for the add ons as well.
  • Spa & salons can allow their customers for appointment scheduling, special offers, and more.
  • How could the healthcare sector stay behind patients now who can book appointments and check the availability of doctors, beds, pay medical bills, & could do a lot more and for that they need to run from department to department. 

If you are a small-scale business that is dealing with high volume calls on a daily basis, then Cloud IVR is the answer to all your worries. Its omnichannel platform allows callers and agents to meet at one spot, without traversing through the empty walls. The customers get to speak to the right agent without waiting for long and could solve some of them on their own as well. 

Where can you get the IVR Cloud?

Thanks to the VoIP Providers in India for their cloud superiority. From cloud data protection & CRM integration to different software solutions, they ensure the highest network security measures with the Cloud IVR integration. To operate from home and not being vulnerable to data theft certainly have challenges and difficulties, but advanced data recovery software combined with notable cloud IVR features ensure a smooth operation. Most VoIP service providers are offering different services that come included in the VoIP wholesale plans to help companies improve their bottom line. This comes with a long list of benefits that eventually results in improved data security & recovery options. The easier option is to hire a reliable Indian VoIP service provider that can provide you fully licensed software tools at wholesale prices. 

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