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What business needs the most in 2021 to strengthen its customer service? Well, this is definitely a million-dollar question that every millennial asks! Have you ever come across IVR systems? Well, you might have, but you may not be aware of them. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is also known as the initial version of Artificial Intelligence. The IVR Systems have all the ammunition in their armor to counter the rising customer service demand. It is an automated cloud telephony system that uses pre-installed answers or information to interact with the callers. Is it worth it? Well, you can’t afford to have live agents to be available on the phone 24/7. There might be the chance of high user engagement leading to call waiting, unavailability of agents due to high call volume, rotational shifts, different time zones, to name a few. Today enterprises are utilizing the IVR system to solve these issues and keep the allers engaged with a self-service menu. From E-commerce sectors to IT industries all are using IVR to increase their customer satisfaction rate.

According to recent studies, it has been found that about 60% of consumers purchase things on the basis of how they are treated by their service/product providers. So, how can IVR Systems powered by AI help improve the business’s bottom line? What are the sectors that can benefit from IVR Systems? Would like to know? Keep scrolling down:

  • The number one on the list is E-Commerce/Online Businesses: If you talk about the Indian VoIP Providers in particular, they provide the best Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that is used by E-commerce websites to manage their leads. The IVR system acts as virtual receptionist software which interacts with customers when they seek information about any product or order in E-commerce websites. The IVR system can offer a chat system as well as a conversation facility when customers make calls. E-commerce websites can use it to offer customers a good experience.
  • Then comes the Education Sector: There are many educational institutes that use interactive voice response systems to offer their students the convenience to interact with them. For example, A student calls a university to know about their policies and educational syllabus, he can be easily addressed by the IVR Systems. For government organizations, the IVR system can help manage multiple educational institutions from one single call center. When we talk about India, IVR systems can be extremely helpful in the education sector.
  • The Healthcare Sector is not too far behind: Big hospitals often face difficulties to manage their patients, staff, and appointments of new patients. Interactive voice response systems can help these hospitals to manage their staff doctors, nurses, and patients without hassles. The IVR System does not need any costly hardware deployment but can be used with your existing PC and mobile. It will help the medical sector remain 24*7 available for the admission of patients. Without employing human employees, Hospitals can install all the informational data of their organization in the cloud-hosted IVR system. This will help the callers to know about everything they want to know about a specific disease, its treatment, and its cost. With a cloud-based IVR system, the data will remain protected from any natural or artificial disasters.
  • Media & Entertainment Industry: The most important sector is the IT sector in India. According to media management experts, India can become a major IT hub in the world by 2030. Nowadays many advanced technologies are being utilized in the IT sector but the IT sector is not limited to software business only. Media houses and entertainment mediums also come under the IT sector where the IVR system is being used to manage the target audience for their feedback, reviews, and suggestions.
  • Start-Ups are among the top gainers: About 60% of the population of India is young and these young people are eager to set up their own businesses. Therefore the IVR system can also be a good tool for start-up businesses. The IVR system can help start-up businesses ensure that they don’t miss any of their customers from the beginning and address everyone with the help of audio, visual, and cloud-based IVR systems. Another important aspect is that the IVR system is cloud-hosted which not only saves the money of small businesses but also protects their private data in case any debacle occurs.

Features to look up:

If you opting for an IVR Systems, then these are the basic features to lookup:

  1. Fax To Email: Do make sure your IVR system has the Fax to Mail feature. This feature allows businesses to send and receive faxes on their Email-ID.
  1. Out Dial Capability: Do make sure the IVR framework permits call centers to call their clients. The progress out dial ability highlight of IVR gives you the alternative to pick on the off chance that your clients are occupied or not answering the call.
  1. Program Launching: Know if the IVR system is equipped for running another program or call inside IVR when you wish. This component can be utilized in a few pragmatic routes including running notepads, virus scans, and disc defragmentation, and backup.
  1. Cloud-Based Reporting: Cloud-based reporting has an easy-to-use interface that empowers you to the diagrams of calls hourly to the yearly premise. From this feature, you will have the capacity to send solicitations to clients. You can undoubtedly set the time zone, make the outline report and view every one of the subtleties of your buyers right away.
  1. Higher Rate of Call Flows: The most amazing feature of the IVR system is to make high call streams. IVR Scripts can be initiated in the perspective of the Access Number (DID) or Mailbox Number Dialled. The more DID or letterbox numbers you have, you will get diverse call streams for each number.
  1. Touch Tone Detection: The touch-tone detection feature of the IVR framework enables organizations to let their clients pick a rundown from a shown menu which enables Customers to look over a rundown of choices like entering the pin code, OTP (one-time-password), and so forth.
  1. Call Transferring: Does it have the call transferring feature? Call transfer is one of the main features of an IVR system. It allows customers to talk with the appropriate agent whenever they wish. When all agents in a call center remain occupied, the IVR system transfers the calls to another branch of the call center.

One difference!

Organization requirements change over a different period of time due to the changing marketing landscape or scope of business. The best part of having an IVR system is, you don’t have to buy expensive equipment. A very little speculation is required too. When you register with us, our specialists will complete a little overview. What’s more, within a couple of minutes you will have the capacity to introduce the call center software. It is uniquely intended to help new companies and little undertakings.

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