Artificial Intelligence and machine learning combined have been creating a lot of buzz since their inception. As we are approaching a hopeful 2021, it’s the right time to take a look at what artificial intelligence and machine learning combined can do and what that means to your business! Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have been the talk of the town as they find their own way into almost everything we see, use. Be it advanced quantum computing systems, smart devices, social media, personal assistants, to name a few – you will find the application of Artificial Intelligence.

According to the latest survey conducted by IDC – The worldwide revenue generated by AI as a whole is expected to reach $156.5 billion this year. Surprisingly, it is 12.3% higher than that of 2019. Let’s have a look at the emerging trends to watch in 2021.

  • Hyper Automation, and AI & Machine Learning Combine: By using Hyper Automation, you can literally automate anything in your organization that includes your business’s current business processes as well. Don’t you think it should reap the benefits of automation? Well, the pandemic has made every business understand the concept, so most of them are giving a green signal to the so-called “digital process automation” and “intelligent process automation.”

And, without AI and machine learning, Hyper Automation couldn’t have been a reality or reach its full potential. These two technologies are the major drivers of Hyper Automation and can lead to a more promising future. And, you couldn’t just expect the same output with static packaged software in place. Businesses must adopt the new technologies to sustain & grow in this ever-changing marketing landscape and Automation is the ideal way to go.

What AI and deep learning technology does is make use of real-time data to empower systems to improve over time without any human interruption and respond to the changing business scenarios automatically

  • AI Engineering & The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Businesses often struggle while deploying newly developed Artificial Intelligence systems and concurrent ML programs. Why? The required timely maintenance, governance, and further up-gradation of these AI systems. That’s the reason behind often failures of these initiatives, as the expectations don’t match with the returns.

No, they have understood the need for a robust AI engineering strategy that can literally improve the performance of these systems, ensuring a higher rate of interpretability, accuracy, and reliability. What the AI engineering process brings to the table holds the key to success. And, businesses & organizations need to understand this fact from the beginning itself.

  • Cybersecurity & The Application of Artificial Intelligence: If you talk about the cybersecurity world, the application of Artificial intelligence and ML has taken it to the next level. Be it corporate systems and home security, AI has definitely made its inroads to developing more reliable & automated security systems that are beyond imagination. Industry biggies are now in a never-ending race to bring new cybersecurity products in the market that are no more vulnerable to malware, ransomware, DDS attacks, and more. And, it’s all possible because of the constant updates, using AI and machine learning technology. The recent advancement in technology has empowered these systems to identify threats and alert in advance.

AI-powered cybersecurity systems make the best use of past data to predict, recognize, & detect possible threats before they can harm your system. It collects data from various sources that include a company’s own data networks, communications channels, online activities, as well as from external public sources. The best thing is, it can identify the patterns like suspicious IP addresses coming from malicious websites, thus protecting your network from potential data breaches.

  • The Role Of AI & ML In Developing Next-gen IoT Devices:  The AI & ML combined are making IoT devices and services even more intelligent, secure, & of course smarter. IoT networks in the industry’s manufacturing units are the best example you have. It can collect real-time data of several operational and performance indexes and that is again analyzed by AI systems to bring improvement to the current production system while boosting efficiency to a great extent. It can also remind you of the timely maintenance of machines as well. Isn’t that great? 

With an increasing trend toward better customer experience, automation also enables a greater centralization of your business operations as a whole. Most VoIP platforms support complete automation through AI to raise the bar of a company’s customer service. This comes with a long list of benefits that eventually results in better ROI generation & brand value.

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