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Are you planning for a big reshuffle in your business strategy? Then be ready to face the big “W”. Didn’t get it? Let’s make it simple. Why?, What?, Who?…???; the list goes on & on till you get the offer letter in your hand. You have to cross the bridge made of questions to get the job of your dreams. Every organization has its own way of communicating its business plans in the sales process, to be specific except the unexpected from the clients because your next interaction can be full of surprises you know. Why a B2B Business Should Consider You for VoIP Phone Systems? What is so unique about your VoIP Phone Systems?

It depends. In general, most B2B customers watch out for your technical prowess, past customer experiences; but still how you literally end up answering “why are you fit for this job”, can make or break the deal. To be honest, this question is always asked and your answer throws a lot of weight behind your selection.

B2B customers come across many prospective VoIP service providers, having a conversation with them and it’s a part of their job, and they receive a wide array of answers as well. Most of the answers that follow sound something like, we are the best in the business, we love to work in a challenging environment, we truly believe that our systems would be a great asset for your teams, this, that, etc., etc. However, it’s important to make sure that your answer doesn’t sound rehearsed; try to add a different flavor to your side of the story and precisely the most authentic one to the table.

If you ask me, it would be great to hear something like, we are very passionate about expanding new horizons and it would be an honor to partner with such a wonderful organization. Our years of experience could be a good asset in helping this organization grow and achieve new heights. To us impossible is just a mere word, because the word itself says, “I’m possible”, and the organizational architecture is no exception. You would always find us attentive & ready to support you to solve your queries no matter the situation and very enthusiastic to start something new and exciting – you just nailed it.

Some service providers squirm while responding, some are overconfident, and others just repeat. So, what should you say? How can you convince those big companies that you are the right service provider for their business needs? Put simply, the answers that break the jinx of standard stereotypes backed by the professional and technical attributes will give B2B businesses a strong reason to make a deal with you. Just be confident about your strengths, past customer experience, and everything else will take care of it.

How to approach your clients for VoIP service?  

In 2021, pitching sales needs a different approach. Everything went cloud, data security has become the #1 priority IT giant. Security user data is a must, and companies need to put some extra effort and take the necessary steps to protect valuable customer data. With the increasing cases of vulnerable cyber-attacks, data protection has become more challenging than ever—but it’s not impossible. So, do make sure you focus more on cloud-based phone systems that ensure a higher degree of data security.

You must plan accordingly by taking additional data safety measures to ensure 100% data security is in place with the Phone Systems. This gives your customers a sense of security that nothing will go wrong and gives them a sense of assurance to go ahead with your services. Do make sure, your employees are using a secure connection, added by multi-level user authentication to maintain data hygiene in remote work settings.

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