Have you ever thought about how the Covid-19 pandemic has sent the world into a disputable reality of sorts? And how most of the call centers are slowly transforming their businesses to accommodate the change? Now call centers are getting creative just to maintain cash inflow from their potential customers. Well, in that case, IVR Payments are becoming the new norm for smooth payment processing. Because a steady cash flow is always tough to maintain of all sizes. However, for a quick, convenient, and secure way to take care of bills IVR Payment is the right choice.    

So to stop chase after outstanding balances, choose IVR Payments to designate excessive amounts of time. Before delving into the benefits and applications, let take a look at what exactly IVR  and IVR Payment is?

What Exactly Is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

IVR is nothing but a cloud technology that allows contact centers to automatically reroute their calls according to numeric and voice inputs. However, it enhances the efficiency in operations and reduces human intervention. 

Below are a few tips for its process:

  • A contact center is being contacted by a customer. 
  • Various options are being provided through an automated greeting.
  • Input is given by the customer.
  • The system will identify and segment the request, eventually routing the call to the best-suited agent or automated response with the information provided.  

Apart from all the usage, making the payment is also another use of IVR solutions. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the call centers have taken to IVR Payments by eliminating the traditional method. However, for routing towards a payment processor customers have to enter the prompts which can also be recognized as well. Lastly using an OTP, a customer can make the final payment. 

And you would be surprised to know that to quarantined customers who might not have access to the internet, using the  IVR number ensures an active payment channel available. Apart from that, sending out SMS texts and voice calls that serve as a reminder of delayed fees can also be done by IVR Payment.

Various Benefits of using IVR for payments:

Apart from all the benefits of IVR Payments listed below, the most important one is that it allows people with busy schedules to make payments on their own time without the need for employee assistance. So just scroll down to know more features that can make your payment simpler:

  • Predictive navigation: By anticipating the needs of callers before they have to ask, previous caller records pave the road for personalized menu options.
  • Authentication: Against the phone number, a caller’s identification can be verified on record. 
  • Speech-enabled interaction: With various options of multilingual voice talent, callers can navigate the system using their voice. 
  • Call logs:  If a caller wishes to speak with a live person the system collects and records caller information, which reps can use to immediately address queries.
  • Self-service: Outside of business hours callers are able to help themselves while making a payment or checking their account 
  • Compliant solution: Providing a high level of payment security the right IVR system will be compliant with both PCI and NACHA standards. 

 However, presenting a simple way to boost revenue and save time IVR provides a variety of convenient benefits for both your business and its customers,

Distinctive Applications of an IVR number:

Now IVR numbers are being used by numerous call center providers for their payment process. So you get to know the benefits of the IVR System, it will be quite simple to understand the applications as well. Some of the examples are listed below:

  • Healthcare industry:  Undoubtedly in 2020, the healthcare industry is the most crucial one. So it is vital for the health industry to function effectively only because the spread of coronavirus rising every day. So during the lockdown, IVR numbers provide a conducive method of paying for health services. However, using the phone payment individuals can consult professionals online and then reimburse the service.  
  • Banking industry:  Do you know that most of the banks are attaching their duties to an IVR number? Well, YES! Through the convenience of one’s cellular device, credit and debit card payments and other transactions are made. Apart from that, they collaborate with other organizations only just to provide their services to merchant IVRS. 
  • Ticketing: Now the ticketing system is making use of IVR numbers as well only just to make the flight, taxis, or bus payments easier. However, one can also use the same method to cover movie tickets under normal circumstances. As of now, ticketing services are allowing customers to focus on transportation as a priority in 2020. For transportation, you can use your debit or credit card to pay.  
  • Call networks:  One must be assured that their mobiles are completely functional at all times. However, just to cater to the needs of their customer’s mobile networks in India are using IVR numbers. Using IVR technology, users can now recharge their accounts, make payments and also, raise concerns over the network. 
  • Gas connections:  Now people are cutting down dependence on the restaurants for their food only because of the raging trend of Cooking. To sustain themselves, every individual has access to gas connections. However, to make it even easier organizations are easing the process for LPG connection with the use of IVR numbers. Simply by calling the companies’ number, customers can book their cylinder. 

We all know that to simplify their transactions with their consumers, most of the call centers are doing their best as the world is now facing a difficult situation. For which lifestyles must be more cautious yet convenient. Isn’t it? So to transact from the safety of their own homes is preferred now by allowing them to make the payments through IVR numbers. And to ensure timely remittance,  no internet connectivity or travel is required. Well, just remember that IVR Payment is the way to go for a more effortless, secure, and effortless method of payments.  

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