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We need to admit that there is a communication metaphor due to the Covid outbreak! And, businesses felt the real heat. With the unprecedented spike of the novel coronavirus cases, virtual meets have become the new face-to-face medium to make business communication. The advanced tools have successfully managed to leverage all the benefits of in-person meetings and water cooler conversations, even making things a lot cheaper and easier. The concept of remote working was there only, but the rise in Covid cases made it the new norm. And, it has become vital for businesses to get used to remote communication platforms and do certain things in order to make the best out of it. Call center software has all the solutions. If you would like to know more about the virtual communication procedures and the call center software you require, then this blog is definitely going to help. Here are the  Do’s, & Don’ts for virtual communication.

Which are the best tools for Virtual Communication?

  • Video Conferencing Solutions: Video conferencing tools are the life savior for businesses and the pillar of virtual communication. Using these tools, you can arrange meetings for teams working from different locations, and prepare a roadmap for the further business modules. You can call it the digital version of  They’re an in-person meeting. All can come under one roof and discuss a common business goal by sharing their screen.
  • Team Chat Software: Team members can send instant messages to individuals and groups, making collaboration a bit easier. Queries can be answered in quick sessions while connecting all the employees in one thread.
  • Project Management Tools: Using this software, you can get all the updates regarding an ongoing project and better manage the tasks to be performed.
  • VoIP Phone Systems: With VoIP phone systems, you can discover the power of calling in true means. Apart from calling, you do a lot more, which was not the case with the traditional counterpart.
  • Email: All of us are pretty much familiar with Email, I guess! It was and is one of the most prominent mediums for secure communication between two parties. When it comes to virtual communication, it will go a long way.

How can you make them better?

  • Defining channels for business communication: By defining channels, you the team collaborations more fruitful, while ensuring no single channel gets overhead traffic. Do make sure you have a brief idea about the conversation types and tools that are appropriate for the same. There should be certain protocol establishments for each communication type. For e.g., messaging tools would be great for handling quick chats, and for vice-versa you can opt for the video conferencing solutions. 
  • Different accounts set up for different time zones: With businesses breaking the geographical barrier going international, their customers can be from any region. When it’s sundown for the team, another might wake up in the morning. In order to accommodate different time zones, you need to be very calculative, Here time management and scheduling play a crucial role in making teams available for video conference calls. You have to make sure that everything goes fine so that you can make the best out of a virtual team meeting.
  • Over-burden Communication: Sometimes, you find it difficult to conclude people from their body language. So, do make sure the email or instant message you send covers all the important parts of your communication with attention to every detail.
  • Define the company’s work culture: With 80% of the global workforce working from home, maintaining a proper structure is very challenging. By setting up the work culture, you can keep things under control. You can use video conferencing solutions to conduct virtual events and screen sharing keeps you in the loop. 
  • Scheduling random meetings just for the sake of the company is a no-brainer: Business might face Covid like situations in near future, so random team meets can drain your employees that seriously hamper their productivity and peace-of-mind. According to recent studies, about 80% of the workforce feels exhausted due to unnecessary meetings. You should have a proper plan in place to get the best out of each employee, without forcing the burden of random meets.
  • Communication can’t be a measuring unit for productivity: Companies should focus more on productivity than the working hours. If you see the global corporate data, companies that focus more on deliverance rather than the working hours are at the top. You need to decide what is important for your business, the work they deliver or the hours you make them sit in front of the computer?
  • Make intra-organization contact more viable: This is definitely the key to deliverance. Teams working from remote locations should not find it difficult to reach their managers or vice-versa. Because both of them won’t be available on the desk to answer your questions. Make sure there is a strong communication thread that is bound all in one frame.
  • Just cross-check your invitation list before every meeting: Why should people be in the meeting, if they are not needed? If a person is not supposed to be in the meeting, then simply don’t include him/her. Do make sure you cross-check the invitation list to avoid similar situations. This way you can keep them fresh for the next meeting.
  • Work should not be your only concern: There is always a life outside the workstation. Just put yourself in the shoes of a normal person, don’t you want to be treated like a normal human being, a computer instead. As work from home has become the new norm, the fun element is lost somewhere in between the battle for survival against Covid-19 and attending virtual meetings. So, do make sure you find a way to give a sense of relaxation to your employees.

Now you must have an idea about what to do and what not to. But one thing that remains classified is where to start? In that case, you would need a reputed VoIP service provider that can tell you more about the features and cost options so that you can achieve your business goals faster. The best part of having call center software included in your business communication is, you are equipped with the right set of features and its quick setup saves your valuable time, which was not the case with others. You can transform your current workplace, by moving with enhanced efficiency and ensure better productivity in a time that requires more from a distributed business establishment.

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